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New books for the New Year!

Hi Everyone,

Anarcho Syndicalist Review

Umanita Nova 

Le Monde Libertaire.

T-Shirt "Don't tread on us" - red and black colours (L, M, Sm) = $31.

Radical America Komiks, $19.50;

On Community Civil Disobedience in the Name of Sustainability, $9;

Shout Your Abortion, (eds) Amelia Bonow & Emily Nokes, $32;

This is How we Survive: Revolutionary Mothering, War , and Exile in the C21st, Mai'a Williams, $23;

Maroon Comix, Origins & Destinies, $21;

A Declaration of the Rights of Human Beings, Raoul Vaneigem, $26;

A Letter to My Children ad the Children of the World to Come, Raoul Vaneigem, $21;

Fire On the Mountain: What if John Brown has won at Harper's Ferry?, Terry Bisson, $21;

Re-enchanting the World: Feminism and the politics of the commons, Silvia Federici, $26;

Happy New Year Reading,

See you soon.