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We steal secrets

"Now, I'm going to be very candid, right? We steal secrets..." So says Michael Hayden, the head of the CIA under Presidents Bush II and Obama. This is no surprise: States have been keeping their own secrets and trying to steal ours for as long as we've had to live under them. But in 2006, they suddenly faced some competition. An international, online, non-profit organisation appeared, founded by an Australian and dedicated to providing a secure and anonymous way for those of us with access to corporate and government secrets to safely make them public: Wikileaks.

****We steal secrets - film screening, 2pm Sat 20 July at Jura.****
****Uprising in Brazil - Red and Black forum, 2pm Sun 21 July at Jura ****
****Migrant anarchists in North Queensland - Red and Black forum, 2pm Sun 28 July at Jura****
****21st Century Spanish anarchist posters - exhibition until the end of July at Jura****
****Writers salon at Jura****
****Nuclear Nation - film screening, 6pm Fri 9 Aug at Chauvel Cinema Paddington****
****Melbourne anarchist bookfair - 10am-6pm Sat 10 August Abotsford Convent, Melbourne****
****New anarchist articles online****
****Jura's website is being upgraded*****
****Next Jura Collective Meeting - 2pm on Sunday 4 August****

****We steal secrets - film screening, 5pm Sat 20 July at Jura.****
Even before the massive historic leaks of US government data in 2010, Wikileaks had released some incredible information. Financial scandals in Iceland and Switzerland, corruption in the Kenyan Government, the membership list of the right-wing British National Party, oil scandals in Peru and our own Government's secret list of websites which are illegal for Australians to view. Then in 2010 came the biggest release of private information in human history: 92,000 reports from the frontlines of the War on Afghanistan, 400,000 more from the War on Iraq, then 251,000 written by US Embassies around the world, including hundreds from Canberra.
'We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks' is a powerful new documentary film, written and directed by Alex Gibney ('Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room', 'Taxi to the Dark Side'). It takes a critical look at the organisation and the two people most closely associated with it, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning. It features interviews with Assange, Adrian Lamo, Michael Hayden and one of the Swedish women who made the allegations of sexual assault against Assange, as well as current and former Wikileaks volunteers. There's a lot here to keep us informed and angry in the age of the PRISM. The film has been well received by some, but strongly critiqued by Wikileaks itself. We look forward to having a good discussion at Jura after the film about the criticisms the film makes of Wikileaks, and also the criticisms Wikileaks has made of the film. Entry by donation. All funds raised will go to the Bradley Manning Support Network.

****Uprising in Brazil - Red and Black forum, 2pm Sun 21 July at Jura ****
If you think Brazil is some kind of tropical paradise full of half-naked sunbathers, soccer balls and carnivals, think again. After decades of covert dictatorship by big business and the State, and threatened with another unjust rise in bus fares, Brazilians took to the streets to fight for their rights, and never went home again. What began as simply another protest, has grown in an unexpected way and is becoming a fully fledged revolt. People are fighting not only for decent public transport, but for the many other human rights neglected by their corrupt politicians.
Jura is proud to host a visiting Brazilian activist who has been involved in a range of anarchist projects, and is actively participating in the street protests. Come along to hear his eyewitness account and discuss the complex social context in which this struggle has grown.

****Migrant anarchists in North Queensland - Red and Black forum, 2pm Sun 28 July at Jura****
Jura welcomes special guest Barbara Hart from QLD, who will talk on Spanish and Italian anarchist migrants to QLD from 1900-1951. She will particularly bring to the fore the neglected contribution of women. The anarchist backgrounds and beliefs of the participants will be discussed as well as their role in the major struggles of the day: anti-fascism, the Spanish Civil War and industrial struggles in the railways and and cane fields.

****21st Century Spanish anarchist posters - exhibition until the end of July at Jura****
Jura is currently exhibiting over 100 anarchist posters from Spain. These posters date from the early 2000s to the present and were donated to Jura by the Magdalena social centre in Madrid. Come and check them out anytime during opening hours, until the end of July.

****Writers salon at Jura****
Jura regularly hosts the Inner Sydney Writers' Salon, where a group of writers get together to develop their creative writing skills. For more info, send an email to jura at jura.org.au

****Nuclear Nation - film screening, 6pm Fri 9 Aug at Chauvel Cinema Paddington****
Nuclear Nation is a documentary about the exile of Futaba’s residents, the region housing the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Since the 1960s, Futaba had been promised prosperity with tax breaks and major subsidies to compensate for the presence of the power plant. The town’s people have now lost their homeland. Through their agonies and frustrations, the film questions the real cost of capitalism and nuclear energy.
This screening is on Nagasaki Day, and is part of a series of events to commemorate the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and recognise the environmental and social impacts of the nuclear industry worldwide. Tickets are $20/15 if you book online or $5 more on the door. All proceeds go to supporting Aboriginal communities on the frontline of nuclear projects to attend the annual Australian Nuclear Free Alliance meeting. Buy tickets at http://www.palacecinemas.com.au/events/nuclearnation/ More info at http://nuclearnation.jp/en/

****Melbourne anarchist bookfair - 10am-6pm Sat 10 Aug Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne****
Now in its 3rd year, the Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair gathers hundreds of people from Melbourne and beyond to share ideas, attend workshops and strengthen networks. There have been workshops on anarchism, Aboriginal and Indigenous sovereignty, land rights and colonialism, sexism and gender, feminism, justice, sexual assault, workplace struggles, community spaces, environmental action and much more. A group from Jura will be driving down to Melbourne for the weekend to have a table and participate. We'd love you to join us or see us there! Send an email to jura at jura.org.au for more info.

****New anarchist articles online****
Check out these recently published anarchic articles:
- Anarcha-feminism and anarcho-machismo in Spain - a second set of interviews with Spanish anarchists by Jeremy Kay of the Jura collective: http://mutinyzine.blog.com/2013/06/21/anarcha-feminism-in-spain/
- Resisting more than course cuts - Claire Johnston reports on the success of FemSoc, the free school at Wollongong Uni: http://mutinyzine.blog.com/2013/06/21/resisting-more-than-course-cuts-the-wollongong-university-free-school/
- Reflections on Striking at Sydney Uni - a personal account of the recent pickets: http://mutinyzine.blog.com/2013/07/10/reflections-on-striking-at-sydney-uni/
- First-hand account of neighbourhood assemblies growing in Turkey - 'alternative directly democratic structures in opposition to the government'. http://libcom.org/blog/sleepless-istanbul-v-10072013

****Jura's website is being upgraded*****
Our website at jura.org.au is currently inaccessible, as the lovely folk from axxs.org are upgrading it to the latest version of Drupal. We hope to have it back online as soon as possible. Until then, you can reach us via email (jura at jura.org.au), phone (02 9550 9931), good old snail mail (PO Box N32, Petersham North, NSW, 2049) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/jura.books).

****Next Jura Collective Meeting - 2pm on Sunday 4 August****
Jura is a volunteer-run anarchist collective, and we operate on the principles of direct democracy. We welcome new participants. If you'd like to meet us, observe, learn more about our projects, or get involved, come on down!

In love, rage and solidarity,

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