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We are not in the least afraid of ruins - we are going to inherit the earth

"It is we who built these palaces and cities, here in Spain and America and everywhere. We, the workers. We can build others to take their place. And better ones. We are not in the least afraid of ruins. We are going to inherit the earth; there is not the slightest doubt about that. The bourgeoisie might blast and ruin its own world before it leaves the stage of history. We carry a new world here, in our hearts. That world is growing in this minute." - Buenaventura Durruti

*****Freedom Books Doco Fundraiser - Sat 16 March, 2pm-5pm*****
*****Red & Black Forum - Sun 24th March, 2pm*****
*****'Anarchism in Ireland & the Workers Solidarity Movement' - Sat 30th March, 2pm-4pm*****
*****Library working bee*****
*****New books*****
*****2nd hand book sale*****
*****Stop T4 Rally and Street Parade - Sat 16 March, Newcastle*****
*****Next Jura Meeting*****

*****Freedom Books Doco Fundraiser - Sat 16 March, 2pm-5pm*****
Last month, Jura Books launched its fundraising drive to assist London's Freedom Books to repair their space after it was firebombed by anonymous scumbags. Thanks to some amazing donations from the Jura community, we've already raised close to one thousand dollars! But before we stuff the cash in a rather large envelope and send it over, we're excited to be hosting a benefit event at the bookshop, featuring two inspiring doco's about workers' struggles. The first is 'Durruti', a 1972 film documenting the fairly amazing life of the Spanish anarchist militant Buenaventura Durruti. After decades fighting in the heart of that country's anarchist movement, including general strikes, bank expropriations, years in exile and leading a 3,000-strong column of militiawomen and men in the early days of the Spanish Civil War, he was murdered in Madrid under suspicious circumstances. There is historical newsreel footage and film from the CNT archieves that has rarely been seen in Australia. One of the points the film makes is about the revolution that was being made amidst the war, especially of the workers control of farms, factories and services and the community's control of living spaces.After a break, we'll also be screening 'The Take', an account of workers control in a contemporary setting: Argentina from 2000 to today. It's an inspiring film about ordinary workers doing extra ordinary things to secure a worthy life for their families and communities after capitalism abandoned and nearly destroyed them. If you can't make it down for these awesome films, but still want to help with Jura's donation to Freedom Books, you can make a bank transfer into our account. The details are:
Jura Books
062193 1020 4881

*****Red & Black Forum - Sun 24th March, 2pm*****
'Self-Management in Australia: A critical account of the Brisbane Self-Management Group'
Presented by Tim Briedis.
The Brisbane Self-Management Group of the 1970s was the largest libertarian socialist organisation in Australia to exist in recent decades, with members in universities, high schools, industrial and white-collar workplaces agitating around the politics of daily life. Today, revolutionary activists still face the same sort of dilemmas as did the SMG. What insights into contemporary radical practice can be gained from an examination of this organisation's strengths and weaknesses?

*****'Anarchism in Ireland & the Workers Solidarity Movement' - Sat 30th March, 2pm-4pm*****
Continuing Jura's long-running series of talks from international visitors, James and Sean will lead a discussion first giving a bit of historical context, and then and account of what's going on in Ireland today. This is a rare opportunity to meet with and discuss real issues with activists who have a broad and deep knowledge of anarchism in Ireland. Get along!

*****Library working bee*****
Jura's library collection, the Fanya Baron Library, is having a meeting and working bee from 2pm-5pm on Sun 17 March. We'll be finalising our Donations Policy, making decisions on recently donated books (including a large and awesome one from John B), and spreading out the collection on our brand-spankin'-new shelves. If this sounds like fun to you - and it sure does to us - come down and hang out.

*****New books*****
Here are the latest books we've got in at Jura - some for the first time, others are back in stock, and some are new editions of classics:
- 'Anarchist Organisation: the history of the FAI' - Juan Casas, $18 (new edition, lower price)
- 'The Community of Rights/The Rights of Community' - Daniel Fischlin & Martha Nandorfy, $25
- 'The Cuban Revolution: A critical perspective' - Sam Dolgoff, $15 (lower price)
- 'Dawn and the Darkest Hour: A study of Aldous Huxley' - George Woodcock, $23
- 'Freedom Fighters: Anarchist intellectuals, workers, and soldiers in Portugal's history - Joao Freire, $23 (lower price)
- 'Herbert Read: the man and his source' - George Woodcock, $18
- 'Malcolm Lowry: the man and his work' - George Woodcock (Ed.), $18
- 'Proudhon' - George Woodcock, $18 (lower price)
- 'William Godwin: a biographical study', George Woodcock, $37 (back in stock)
- 'Bakunin: The philosophy of freedom' - Brian Morris, $18 (back in stock)
- 'Orwell' - Scott Lucas, $9
- 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' - George Orwell, $12

*****2nd hand book sale*****
Jura normally only stocks new books for sale - but we're running a 2nd-hand books sale in our back room over the next couple of months. There are a few hundred books just waiting to be taken to a good home. And they're cheap cheap too - just $2 each, or 3 for $5. So next time you're visiting the Jura space be sure to have a quick look out the back for some radical reading bargain goodness.

*****Stop T4 Rally and Street Parade - Sat 16 March, Newcastle*****
A fun, vibrant, colourful, and determined public demonstration against industry plans to more than double coal exports from the Hunter. Join people from all across NSW to say “No!” to more coal. You should come if:
- You're a Newcastle resident who is sick of breathing in coal dust.
- You're a farmer fighting the expansion of coal mining into agricultural land.
- You live along the rail line in Newcastle or the Hunter Valley, and are sick of coal trains.
- You've been told by politicians that a coal mine is coming to your community.
- You're a citizen of NSW, who puts community health, democracy, and biodiversity before coal industry profits.
- You're a citizen of the world, who wants to leave a liveable climate for our children.

State and Federal Governments are poised to give the green light to a massive new coal terminal in Newcastle, called T4. Newcastle is already home to the biggest coal export terminal in the world, and the if T4 goes ahead, export capacity will be more than doubled. This means more coal dust, more coal trains, more coal mines, lost biodiversity and more global warming.

The rally and parade is being organised by the Coal Terminal Action Group, an alliance of 17 community groups. We will leave from Customs House at 10am and make our way to Civic Park. Please bring colourful props to demonstrate where you are from and why you want to stop T4!

*****Next Jura Meeting*****
Will be held at the bookshop on Sat 6 April from 2pm-4pm. If you'd like to learn more about our project/s, meet some of our Collective, or get involved, come on down!

With love, rage and solidarity -

Jura Books Collective


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