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*****Freedom Firebombed*****
*****Black Rose*****
*****Slingshot diaries for 2013*****
*****Fanya Baron Library Collective Meeting and Working Bee Sun 17 March*****
*****Red and Black Forum returns*****
*****New books, mags and zines*****
*****Wobblies Community Picnic*****
*****Camp Anarchy - 9-11 March, Victoria*****
*****Stop T4 Rally and Street Parade - Sat 16 March, Newcastle*****
*****Solidarity and support to Jon Moylan*****
*****Next Jura Collective meeting*****

*****Freedom Firebombed*****
One of the world's oldest surviving anarchist infoshops, Freedom Press in east London, was firebombed recently. The project was started way back in 1886 by a group including Charlotte Wilson and Peter Kropotkin. The shop's security shutter was busted open and its windows smashed, and the firebomb did extensive damage to all the material stored inside, including the archive of the Freedom newspaper. Worst of all, this despicable act was done just after the collective had canceled its insurance policy which it had been unable to afford. The Jura Books collective will soon be sending a donation to help with the cleanup and restoration, and we've gotten about $600 together so far - if you'd like to contribute a small amount, please stop by our shop in the next couple of weeks, or email us at jura at jura.org.au We're also planning a fundraising event on Sat 16 March - keep an eye on our website for details.

*****Black Rose*****
Sydney-siders will be excited to hear that the Black Rose Anarchist Space at 22 Enmore Rd, Newtown has re-opened. Available now are books, a sitting area, internets and coffee by donation. There will be events and gigs (cinema nights, jam sessions; book club already running weekly) at the original Newtown location (just near Newtown train station). But now they've got the shop-front - no more long dangly hallway to walk down. And of course if you would like to use the space for anything in line with anti-authoritarian politics, please do flick the crew an email: blackrosebooks at yahoo.com.au

*****Slingshot diaries for 2013*****
What's the time?! Time to ORGANISE, comrades!! And there's no more stylish way to do it than with the Slingshot Organiser. Lovingly hand-made in California by the Slingshot Collective, and available in a wide range of outrageous colours, all funds raised are used to publish the broadsheet newspaper of the same name. Jura's shipment is in: get yours while you can! They come in two formats: a smaller glue-bound edition ($9) and a larger A5-sized ring-bound one ($15).

*****Fanya Baron Library Collective Meeting and Working Bee 17 March*****
Jura's library collection, the Fanya Baron Library, is having a meeting and working bee from 2pm-5pm on Sun 17 March. We'll be finalising our Donations Policy, making decisions on recently donated books (including a large and awesome one from John B), and spreading out the collection on our brand-spankin'-new shelves. If this sounds like fun to you - and it sure does to us - come down and hang out.

*****Red and Black Forum returns*****
Last year's very successful monthly Red and Black Forums will soon be back in black! And red. They'll kick off for this year on Sun 24 March from 2pm-4pm. Further forums are planned for the fourth Sunday of each month - keep an eye on these emails or jura.org.au for more details.

*****New books, mags and zines*****
Over the summer, we've ordered in a huge amount of awesome new material. Check out these books:
- 'Peace With Justice: Noam Chomsky in Australia', Clinton Fernandes ($29)
- 'Social Ecology: Applying ecological understanding to our lives and our planet', David Wright, Stuart Hill, Catherine Camden-Pratt [eds] ($43)
- 'The Revolt of Ghent', William Morris ($12)
- 'Mumford, Gutkind, Bookchin: The emergence of eco-decentralism', Janet Biehl ($12)
- 'The 1937 Woolworth's Sit-down: Women Strikers Occupy Chain Store, Win Big', Dana Frank ($6.50)
- 'What is Class Struggle Anarchism & The Relation Between the Working Class and Non-working Class Oppressions: 2 Essays', Wayne Price ($6)
- 'Revolutionary Class-Struggle Anarchism', Wayne Price ($6)
- 'Two Cheers for Anarchism', James C. Scott, [HB] ($37)
- 'Franco's Friends: How British intelligence helped bring Franco to power in Spain', Peter Day [HB] ($44)
- 'Anarchism, Revolution and Reaction: Catalan Labour and the crisis of the Spanish state, 1889-1923', Angel Smith [HB] ($30)
- 'Reformers, Socialists and Communists: An anarchist critique', Alexander Berkman ($15)
- 'The Value of Radical theory: An anarchist introduction to Marx's critique of political economy', Wayne Price ($19)
- 'Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs', The Curious George Brigade ($15)
- 'The Man Who Killed Durruti', Pedro de Paz ($31)
- 'Of the People, By the People: The case for a participatory economy', Robin Hahnel ($22)
- '3 Dead Princes: An anarchist fairy tale', Danbert Nobacon, $19;
- 'The Permaculture Handbook: Garden farming for town and country', Peter Bane ($66)
- 'Left Turn: Political essays for the new left', Antony Loewenstein & Jeff Sparrow ($30)
- 'What is Class-struggle Anarchism', Wayne Price ($6)
- 'Revolution Point Zero: Housework, Reproduction and Feminist Struggle', Silvia Federici ($20)
- 'Bad Attitude: the Processed World Anthology, the under side of the information Age', Chris Carlsson [ed] ($25.50)
- 'An Anarchist FAQ, Vol 2', Iain McKay ($37). A monumental work, cheap at twice the price. From AK Press.
- 'Accompanying: Pathways to Social Change', Staughton Lynd ($18)
- 'Anarchy Comics: The Complete Collection', Jay Kinney [ed], ($25). The entire collection from the 70s & 80s, with a great introduction.
- 'You're an acceptable level of threat and if you weren't you would know about it', Banksy [HB] ($52). Fantastic latest collection from the world's best-known stencil graffiti artist.
- 'Revolution', Carlo Cafiero ($19). This is the first English translation of the work, written by a major figure within the First International.
- 'How can one sell the air? : Chief Seattle's Vision' - Chief Seattle [Revised Ed.] ($15)
- 'Getting Free : creating an association of democratic autonomous neighbourhoods', James Herod ($15)
- 'Queering Anarchism : Addressing an Undressing power and desire', CB Daring et al [Eds.] ($29)
- 'Reform or Revolution and other writings', Rosa Luxemburg ($17)
- 'Bandits', Eric Hobsbawm ($24)
- 'Upon the backs of labour', Arthur J. Miller ($24). At last!! From one of today's best anarcho-syndicalist writers.
And we've re-stocked these titles:
- 'Anarchism in Galicia : Resistance and women in the underground', Eliseo Fernandez et al ($4)
- 'Songs of Work and Protest : 100 favourite songs of American workers complete with music and historical notes', Edith Fowke and Joe Glazer ($29)

We've also got these mags and zines:
- Umanita Nova, Vol 93, No 3 (27 Jan)
- Mutiny #68 (Nov/Dec 2012). Another rad issue of this locally-produced anarchistic zine. And totally free! Also available for free download (with layout options for reading on your 'puter or DIY printing) at: jura.org.au/mutiny
- And for the first time at Jura, 'Le Monde Libertaire', No 1693 (17-23 Jan). From France - in French.

*****Wobblies Community Picnic*****
Last weekend's community and Wobblies' picnic in Marrickville was a great success from all reports. Around 50 fellow workers came out to Enmore Park to eat, play, hang out and get to know each other. Keep an eye on the Sydney Wob's bookface page for future events: https://www.facebook.com/iwwsydney

*****Camp Anarchy - 9-11 March, Victoria*****
Jura is hoping to take drive down a bunch of our material for an info stall down at this rad-sounding get together. If you're free and keen, get in touch!