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Crisis and Struggle in Spain today - film, talk and exhibition

"In Spain we have an anarchist movement that is more or less solid. It's like a rock with cracks in it. We have serious internal problems, but we have a strong movement of squatting… we also have a strong culture of music, zines, books, information to share and relationships between areas that connect lots of different people. We have a web." - Mario, an anarchist in Madrid interviewed recently by Jeremy Kay. See the full interview at: http://mutinyzine.blog.com/2013/04/20/conversations-with-anarchists-in-madrid-pt1/

*****Crisis and struggle in Spain today - film, talk, exhibition, Sun 23 June*****
*****Jura talks available online*****
*****Solidarity on the pickets*****
*****Feminist gig, Fri 28 June*****
*****Dexter Fletcher Feminist Film Club*****
*****Shift Change - Alfalfa House fundraiser, 7.30pm Wed 26 June*****
*****Leard forest blockade concert, 28-30 June*****

*****Crisis and struggle in Spain today - film, talk and exhibition, 2pm Sun 23 June at Jura*****
Capitalism and representative democracy are falling into ever deeper crisis in Spain, but the people are fighting back. Tens of thousands take direct action against corrupt politicians and bankers. Millions of workers go on general strike. Squats and social centres multiply and thrive. Anarchist ideas are spreading.

THIS SUNDAY, Jura's Red and Black Forum will host an eyewitness account and discussion by Jeremy Kay, a Jura collective member recently returned from 6 months living in Spain. We're also excited to be screening a new 10-minute film by Zanny Begg, 'Washing bin Laden' http://www.zannybegg.com/.

'bin Ladens' is a colloquial term for the EU$500 note, one of the highest value banknotes in the world. The term emerged because although a quarter of all the $500 euros printed are circulating within Spain – no one ever sees them in ordinary transactions: their role is mostly confined to money laundering activities. The film looks at the financial crisis in Spain through the story of Enric Duran - a modern day Robin Hood of the Banks who stole almost half a million euros and gave it away to social organisations. A EU$500 note is gifted to one of the beneficiaries of this donation, AureaSocial, to explore if activists can “wash” money of its oppressive role.

Also, a large collection of Spanish anarchist political posters and leaflets will be on display. These were donated to Jura by the Magdalena social centre in Madrid.

-> Film screening, 'Washing bin Laden'. Followed by an eyewitness talk and discussion, 2-4pm, Sunday 23 June at Jura.

-> Exhibition of Spanish political posters, from Friday 21 June to Sunday 23 June, during opening hours at Jura.

*****Jura talks available online*****
Four great political talks recently given at Jura are now available to listen to online, thanks to comrades from the Workers Solidarity Movement in Ireland.
1) Activist journalist Wendy Bacon discusses the relevance of anarcha-feminism in Sydney from the 1970s to today: http://www.wsm.ie/c/relevance-anarcha-feminism-today
2) 88-year-old exile, Jack Grancharoff talks about anarchism in Bulgaria: http://www.wsm.ie/c/anarchism-bulgaria-history-jack-grancharoff-audio
3) One of Jura's co-founders, Sid, gives an interview on the development of anarchism in Sydney: http://www.wsm.ie/c/history-development-anarchism-sydney
4) Two Irish anarchists talk about their experiences of anarchism and organising: http://www.wsm.ie/c/experience-anarchism-ireland-jura-syndney

*****Solidarity on the pickets*****
In recent months, Jura and friends have been actively involved in supporting workers on strike at the University of Sydney and the State Library of NSW. At Sydney Uni, university management has been on a major offensive against workers and their unions for over two years. There have been restructures at the library, increased casualisation, an announcement of 350 job cuts across general and academic staff, and an attempt to cut staff conditions and access to their unions through the enterprise agreement. This has led to an increase in anger among workers, and a series of militant strikes where workers, students and community supporters have blockaded and disrupted the university. At these strikes, police have been called in and have violently attacked picketers in an attempt to break the picket lines. In the five days of strike action this semester, there have been over 15 arrests and multiple injuries. Jura joins many other groups in condemning the behaviour of university management and police, and in offering support and solidarity to the workers and arrestees. Join us for a night of trivia and merriment to raise funds for those affected.
-> USyd strike solidarity trivia night and party, 7pm-10.30pm, Saturday 29 June, at the Petersham Bowling Club, 77 Brighton St, Petersham. $5-$10 or by donation. https://www.facebook.com/events/196963290458982/

*****DEQY gig, 6.30pm Fri 28 June at Jura*****
DEQY is an initiative that advocates for people of all genders to enjoy and play live music, without being marginalised. 3 bands: New boyfriend (punx jams) https://soundcloud.com/newboyfriend Palmar Grasp (feminist emo) http://www.facebook.com/PalmarGrasp and Everything I own is broken (reggae punk) http://www.facebook.com/EveryThingIOwnIsBroken
-> DEQY Presents: New Boyfriend, Palmar Grasp & Everything I Own Is Broken, 6.30pm 28 June, at Jura.

*****Dexter Fletcher Feminist Film Club*****
There's a new Feminist Film Club in town. Dexter Fletcher is on at the Junior Gazette studio space - 91 Railway Parade, Marrickville. They've got two great films coming up, plus the Take Care zine shop will be open during the day from 12pm before each screening. http://juniorgazette.blogspot.com.au/
-> 'Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles' is 1975 film that examines a single mother's routine of cooking, cleaning and mothering over three days. 5.30pm, Sunday 30 June at Junior Gazette. $5.
-> 'Born in Flames' is a 1983 documentary-style, science fiction film about rival feminist pirate radio stations in New York City. It's awesome! 5.30pm, Sunday 14 July at Junior Gazette. $5.

*****Shift Change - Alfalfa House fundraiser, 7.30pm Wed 26 June*****
Our friends at Alfalfa House are having their annual film night fundraiser. Alfalfa is a great member-owned community food co-op in Enmore. Jura has worked with them in the past and we love going there to get tasty fresh organic food. They're showing Shift Change - a new film about co-operatives around the world - 'true stories of dignified jobs in democratic workplaces'. $20 suggested donation for the film and organic vegan dinner. 7.30pm, Wednesday 26th June at the Red Rattler. Buy your tickets at http://alfalfahouse-eorg.eventbrite.com.au/#

*****Leard forest blockade concert, 28-30 June*****
Front Line Action on Coal is the first blockade camp of a coal mine in Australia’s history. The location is Leard State Forest, near Maules Creek (NSW), the biggest remnant of natural bushland on the Liverpool Plains at the foothills of Mount Kaputar. The rapid expansion of the coal industry is extending into NSW’s foodbowl, the Gunnedah Basin, and these three massive open pits in Leard Forest would be the first major inroads of the coal industry here. Currently 5% of Leard Forest is mined, but the plans would lead to the clearing of half of the forest. Habitat for at least 26 threatened species and two endangered ecological communities would be wiped out. The surrounding area is prime agricultural land, and already almost a quarter of the local community have had to leave because of the mine. The Maules Creek pit would be around 320m deep. The mines in the area are expected to produce 30-50 million tonnes of coal every year, which represents about a fifth of Australia’s current total annual greenhouse emissions. This volume is about a third of Newcastle’s coal exports in 2012, currently the world’s largest coal export port, so the mines would lead to a significant increase in trains, dust, asthma rates, and would require the construction of a new coal terminal bordering an internationally-listed wetland in Newcastle.
-> Visit the blockade on the weekend of 28-30 June. There'll be over 16 awesome performances taking place in a stunning forest setting. https://www.facebook.com/LeardForestListenUp and http://www.frontlineaction.wordpress.com/

*****Jura's website is being upgraded*****
Our website at jura.org.au is currently offline, as the lovely folk from axxs.org upgrade it to the latest version of Drupal. We hope to have it back online as soon as possible. Until then, you can reach us via email (jura at jura.org.au), phone (02 9550 9931), good old snail mail (PO Box N32, Petersham North, NSW, 2049) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/jura.books).

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