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Cheap month, revolutionary publishing

Hi Jura Books friends and supporters,

Want to economically stimulate Jura? The Federal Government is injecting public funds into the rotting carcass of a privately profitable economy.
Why not divert and subvert this process by donating a portion of your
upcoming $900 cash handout to Jura (if you are a recipient)?

We've managed to raise $5,500 so far, but we still need to pay the bank
another $14,500 to permanently retire the mortgage and keep our
building. If everyone on this list were to give 10% of their cash
handout, we could easily make this happen. Details on how to donate

Alternatively, you could go wild at the annual Jura Books sale. The whole month of March is Jura Books Cheap Month! That means:
--> 10% to 50% off all stock
--> Hundreds of books for a few dollars each
--> And a special sneak peak for people in the Jura community (this means you!) on Sat 28th Feb - one day before the general public.

Also on Sat 28th Feb at 6pm: Revolutionary Publishing in an Age of Crisis.
Ramsey Kanaan, founder of the successful workers controlled publishing
houses AK Press and PM Press will be speaking at Jura. He will talk
about the trials and tribulations of making media in a time when media
is taking a massive beating (in all formats), when funding is drying
up, and social movements seem to be stagnating. He will argue that it's
more vital now than ever. He'll also speak about the set up, aims and
structures of workers controlled publishing.

Other upcoming events:
--> Are you going to the Propagandhi
shows? Come and say hi at the joint Jura, Black Rose and Mutiny stall.
(15th Feb Metro, 18th Feb Newcastle, 19th Feb Wollongong)
--> IWA meeting, Wed 18th Feb at Jura. Discuss the possibility of setting up an International Workers Association linked group in Sydney.
--> Eco-workers meeting, 2pm, 21st Feb at Jura. Come along and help us bring enviro and workers politics together.
--> Jura library working bee, 12-5pm, Sun 22nd Feb.
--> Jura collective meeting, 5.30pm, Fri 6th March - all welcome.
--> Resurgence: Queer Empire Strikes Back
- a queer festival to celebrate, strengthen, and politicise our
community: Thurs 12th to Sun 15th March at New Q, 22 Enmore Rd,
Newtown. For more info: http://resurgence2009.wordpress.com/
--> O-week stalls. We are planning stalls at a few unis - can you help out? Let us know!

Hope to see you soon!

The Jura Collective
440 Parramatta Rd, Petersham


How to donate:
--> Transfer your donation into our bank account using your internet banking - email us for details.
--> Come in to Jura and donate cash in person
--> Post a cheque or money order made out to Jura Books
--> Use Paypal (jura -at- jura.org.au)
--> Send us an email telling us you can help. We'll get back to you and discuss the best way to contribute.


Do you want help squatting?
Email squatsydney -at- riseup.net to get info and ideas from local squatters.


Jura organic food co-op:
Order and pay by 7pm, Thursdays. Pick up your box 2-7pm Fri, or 12-2pm Sat. For more details: http://www.jura.org.au/foodcoop


Jura Opening Hours:
Wed 2-7pm
Thurs 2-7pm
Fri 2-7pm
Sat 12-5pm
Sun 12-5pm

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