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Against War and the 'War on Drugs'

"War paralyzes your courage and deadens the spirit of true [humanity]. It degrades and stupefies with the sense that you are not responsible, that 'tis not yours to think and reason why, but to do and die,' like the hundred thousand others doomed like yourself. War means blind obedience, unthinking stupidity, brutish callousness, wanton destruction, and irresponsible murder."
- Alexander Berkman, What Is Communist Anarchism?

****The Network Against Prohibition - Red and Black Forum, 2pm Sun 25 Aug at Jura****
****Welcome the refugees rally - 11am Sat 31 Aug in Marrickville****
****Public meeting: Stop the Pacific 2013 arms expo - 12.30pm Sun 1 Sept at Jura****
****Writers salon at Jura****
****Jura's website is being upgraded*****
****Next Jura Collective Meeting - 3pm, Sat 31 August at Jura****

****The Network Against Prohibition - Red and Black Forum, 2pm Sun 25 Aug at Jura****
The Network Against Prohibition (NAP) was founded in Darwin in 2002, with the aim of using direct action against the so-called 'War on Drugs'. The State's 'War on Drugs,' like the 'War on Terror', is really a class war and a race war, a war on our human rights and civil liberties. NAP was certainly an out there opponent, pulling off spectacular actions like storming the NT Parliament, holding riotous smoke-ins, occupations and more. At this Red & Black Forum, NAP founding member Stuart Highway will tell the story of this remarkable direct action network, and discuss to what extent NAP was an anarchist organisation.

****Welcome the refugees rally - 11am Sat 31 Aug in Marrickville****
Whether Rudd or Abbott wins the election, it's clear that we'll need to continue to campaign for refugee rights, and demand the end of the PNG 'solution' and the closure of all the detention centres. It was militancy by refugees and their supporters that shifted public opinion under the Howard government and forced him to make concessions over his detention regime. A strong refugee movement can achieve that again. Welcome the refugee boats! Stop the PNG 'solution'! Close Manus Island, Nauru, and all the detention centres! Meet in the plaza next to the old Post Office to march on the office of Deputy PM and advocate of offshore detention, Anthony Albanese.

****Public meeting: Stop the Pacific 2013 arms expo - 12.30pm, Sun 1 Sept, at Jura****
'Pacific 2013' is a major military hardware exhibition, and an International Fleet Review, taking place at the Sydney Convention Centre Darling Harbour and Sydney Harbour in early October 2013. Jura is hosting a public meeting to discuss organising actions around Pacific 2013. There will be a background briefing about Pacific 2013, a discussion about the possibilities for direct action and the formation of an organising collective to facilitate the protest. For more info, email ben.keaney at anu.edu.au.

****Writers salon at Jura****
Jura regularly hosts the Inner Sydney Writers' Salon, where a group of writers get together to develop their creative writing skills. To join in, visit http://www.meetup.com/Inner-Sydney-Writers-Salon/

Check out these recently published anarchistic articles online:
- 'Women, "Gender Wars" and Refusal: What Century Is This Again?' - Annette Blanka traces the ongoing 'gender war' against women, stressing that gender and class should not be seen as separate categories: they are entwined. http://mutinyzine.blog.com/2013/07/15/women-‘gender-wars’-and-refusal-what-century-is-this-again/
- 'Precarity and Protest in Post-Fukushima Japan' - Alexander Brown explores how networks of precarious workers have been central to the country’s strong anti-nuclear movement, and have organised a broad subterranean culture of carnivalesque rebellion. http://mutinyzine.blog.com/2013/08/01/precarity-and-protest-in-post-fukushima-japan/
- 'Street protests and class power' - Devrim Valerian reflects on the current uprisings in Turkey, Egypt, and Brazil and the aftermath of the Arab Spring. http://libcom.org/library/street-protests-class-power

Four people from Jura attended the Melbourne Anarchist bookfair on 10 August. It was a great event attended by hundreds of people - congratulations to the organisers! We drove down (yay for reducing carbon pollution!) and sold over $1,100 worth of anarchist books. Jura gets in dozens of great new anarchist books every month. Here are a few to tempt you:
- Decolonizing Anarchism, Maia Ramnath, $24 - brilliant analysis of non-Euro/west anarchisms.
- The London Years, Rodolf Rocker, $32 - relevant to refugee struggles, this classic traces how refugee Jews in East End London a century ago organised into a union and stopped the sweatshop system.
- A People's History of London, Lindsey German & John Rees, $29 - good background, including an anecdote about Kropotkin helping out Lenin from arrest in 1907.
- Venezuela: Revolution as Spectacle, Rafael Uzcategui, $25 - an anarchist critique of the Chavezist situation in Venezuela.
- The Riot Grrrl Collection, Johanna Fateman, $52 - larger format high quality book.
- Anarchists Against the Wall, Uri Gordon & Ohal Grietzer, $18 - anarchist struggles against Israeli apartheid.
- Anarchism and the City: Revolution and counter-revolution in Barcelona, 1898-1937, Chris Ealham, $30 - highly recommended, back in stock at a lower price.
- In the Shadow of the Sabertooth, Doug Peacock, $22 - A renegade naturalist considers global warming, the first Americans and the terrible beasts of the Pleistocene.
- Hartman the Anarchist: The doom of the great city, Edward Fawcett, $22, - sci-fi first time in print in 100 years.
- Stay Solid! A radical handbook for youth, Matt Hern & Purple Thistle Collective (eds), $30.
- Occupy Everything: Reflections on why it's kicking of everywhere, Alessio Lunghi, $26.
- Changing Anarchism: Anarchist theory and practice in a global age, J. Purkis & J. Brown, $42.
- Anarchism: A history of libertarian ideas, Vol.3, Robert Graham (ed), $42.
- Queer Liberation is Class Struggle, by Jomo, $4.50.
- How to Fire Your Boss, IWW, $4.
- Back to the Roots: Anarchists as Revolutionary Orgnisers, Ian Martin, $4.

****Jura's website is being upgraded*****
Our website at jura.org.au is currently inaccessible, as the lovely folk from axxs.org are upgrading it to the latest version of Drupal. We hope to have it back online as soon as possible. Until then, you can reach us via email (jura at jura.org.au), phone (02 9550 9931), good old snail mail (PO Box N32, Petersham North, NSW, 2049) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/jura.books).

****Next Jura Collective Meeting - 3pm, Sat 31 August at Jura****
Jura is a volunteer-run anarchist collective, and we operate on the principles of direct democracy. We welcome new participants. If you'd like to meet us, observe, learn more about our projects, or get involved, come on down!

In love, rage and solidarity,

The Jura Collective


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