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Jura's 28th Anniversary Celebrations

Jura's 28th Anniversary Celebrations.
by Sid

On Saturday, December 17th Jura Books celebrated the 28th anniversary of organising and funding a non-profit and voluntary anarchist bookshop and activist centre. About 20-25 Jurans and friends turned up to enjoy food (three course meal with Italian flavours that had vegan, vegerarian and other options - compliments of Sid, Nick and Mark and drinks organised by Cam and Mark. We were also entertained by the music of John, Colin, Anne, Mark, Erst and others who played guitar and other instruments. This accompanyed older and newer revolutionary songs for those who wanted to join in the singing.

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Jura Books Anniversay Hoe Down

Sunday, December 18, 2005 - 3:00am

We're having a party for Jura Books, and you're invited.Jura Books has been around in various places and forms for quite a while. Come with us and celebrate our rich history and the amazing hopefulness of the Jura Project. There'll be music, maybe dancing, talking, book discounts and of course dinner and drinks.Stay Tuned! This page will be updated as more information comes to hand.
Update: Start time is now 6pm.
Food will be on sale for $4/8 - vegan / vegetarian, antepasto, main course, salad and cake. Drinks will also be on sale.