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Some interesting new research about the anarchist world.

Hi all,
Here are some interesting new titles that I've found by searching around, so not from our more usual anarchist suppliers. Note the difference in price when capitalist profit-oriented publishers come onto the scene, but also note, that two are high quality hard back titles.

Lots of good reading new in Jura this week

Hi all,
here are the new book this week:
The Spanish Anarchists of Northern Australia: Revolution in the sugar cane fields, Robert Mason, $95;
Anarchism and Chinese Political Culture, Peter Zarrow, (H/B), $70;
The Will to Change: Men, masculinity, and love, bell hooks, $25;

New PM Press titles and more...

Hi good people,
here are the new titles:
Journey Through Utopia: A critical assessment of imagine worlds in western literature, Marie Louise Berneri, $38 (new edition and with new introduction, postscript);
Anarchist Cuba: Countercultural politics in the early twentieth century, Kirwin Shaffer, $32.50;
Communion:The female surch for love, bell hooks, $18;

Lots of new books at Jura

Here are the new titles for this week:
We are Anarchists: essays on Aarchism, Pacifism, and the Indian Independence Movement, 1923-1953, MPT Acharya, $27;
Young Dark Emu: A truer history, (HB) Bruce Pascoe, $26;
The Complete Works of Errico Malatesta, Vol 4, (ed) David Turcats, $38;
The Five Hundred Year Rebellion: Indigenous movements and the decolonization of history in Bolivia, Benjamin Dangl, $27;

New books this week at Jura

"Quello che non ho è una camicia bianca quello che non ho è un segreto in banca quello che non ho sono le tue pistole per conquistarmi il cielo per guadagnarmi il sole." Frabrizio de Andre, an anarchist folk singer in Italy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3ZGdzuvcws&list=RDEMt5A_jA64EwODji4w2iQ...

New material at Jura

Hi Jura supporters,
Two new books this week:
An East End Legacy: Essays in memory of William J. Fishman,(eds) Colin Holmes & Anne Kershen, $48(a very valuable addition to the histories of the anarchist influence and activity in the working class east end of London);
Into the Heart of Tasmania: A search for human antiquity; Rebe Taylor, $35 (a great companion to 'Dark Emu', which is essential reading for anyone living on this continent).
Le Monde Libertaire
Umanita Nova.

Loads of new anarchist books (& a T-shirt):

Hi all,
Here is a list of the great new titles for this week - some have been long out of print....
The second joint publication by Jura Books and PM Press - the reprint (with extra essays) of a long out of print extremely important book, this on on the Russian Revolution. This one also at a special low price:
The Unknown Revolution, 1917-1921, Voline, $35;
The Battle of the Mountain of the Kurds: Self-determination and ethnic cleansing in the Afrin Region of Rojava, Thomas Schmidinger, $26;

Tasty new titles at Jura this week

Hi everyone,

Great new books to chew through: food for the mind and muscle:

New titles - SF explorations.

Hi everyone,
Here are the new titles this week:

Special discount books available

Hi Jura supporters,
These books have a low price due to a special discount from Verso publishers - grab them while you can.
Here are the new titles: