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Red & Black Forum - 'Anarchism and Marxism: What can we learn from each?'

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Monday, November 26, 2012 -
1:00am to 3:00am

Red & Black Forum

The November session in our continuing series of monthly talks and discussions at Jura on different aspects of anarchism will be on:

ANARCHISM & MARXISM: What Can We Learn From Each?
Talk by Paul Rubner, followed by discussion

Anarchism and Marxism are usually seen as diametrically opposed political philosophies and ways of doing politics. Historically, relations between these two rival political traditions have been troubled, and on occasion, bloody.

Despite this history, and given that both oppose capitalism and the capitalist state, what can we usefully learn from each tradition? In particular, what can anarchists learn from Marx’s critique of capitalism and capitalist economics?

Optional reading: Wayne Price, Marx's Economics for Anarchists: An Anarchist's Introduction to Marx's Critique of Political Economy, online here from: Zabalaza Books.

The whole text is worth reading. It is also serialised in chapters, with comments/discussion at end of each chapter -- starting with the introductory chapter at anarkismo.net.