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Jura is solar-powered!

Circle A SunflowerJura is 100% solar-powered! In June 2011 we got together, planned, and organised. We raised over $7,000 entirely through donations so that Jura could install a collectively-owned renewable-energy system. The 2.09kW system on our roof generates about 9.41 kilowatt hours per day of clean, renewable energy. This saves more than 3 tonnes of greenhouse pollution every year. The energy generated meets Jura's needs and allows us to put some energy back into the grid for others to use. This reduces Jura's bills and generates a small income, which we use to help fund our political activity. More importantly, Jura has a working model of community-owned renewable energy.

Meanwhile, governments and capitalism just make the climate nightmare worse. At the same time as we installed our renewable energy system, the State government undermined the solar power industry, and the Federal government pushed a carbon price market mechanism. These policies will just increase injustice and will fail to solve climate change. This will be a nightmare for Indigenous people whose forests will be sold for 'carbon credits', workers whose jobs will get worse, those who will pay more for the same dirty coal power, and the future inhabitants of a hellish world. Removing the carbon price and replacing it with even less action, is criminal.

Community-owned and controlled renewable energy systems are a vision of the future. They can can de-carbonise, de-centralise and democratise. Imagine a world based on the principles of sustainability and decentralised collectivism. A world where communities own their own power systems. That's the world we are fighting for and pre-figuring at Jura. Our solar system is one step along that path. We invite you to join us in grassroots organising for justice on climate change. Come along and get involved!



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