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Packer - people's hero, or ruling class bastard?

Jura received the following email from "JL" in relation to our
advertising of the "Kerry Packer Dis-memorial" service on last Friday:

hope you got a kick out of disrupting Kerry Packer's final farewell. I
can understand your objection to the taxpayer having to pay for such a
service. I would imagine that you discourage people attending your
bookshop or meetings that are not working and therefore drawing the
dole? I have nothing against people getting the dole, unless they are
to lazy to get a job. You wouldn't serve anyone like that would you? I
can also imagine that you never attempt to lower your tax bill, why
would you? That would be stupid. I would imagine you give the
government contributions as you feel so generous.
guy gave a lot to Australia. Fair enough he was rich and I guess very
ruthless, but his companies employed a lot of people. Maybe the
alternative, in your view, is far better.
People go to say their farewells and you step in and make complete idiots of yoursleves. The guy is dead, let him be.
you think of anyhting that Packer done that was selfless? Like fly a
disabled kid, some of his mates and their parents to Disneyland because
the kid did him a favour? Equip every ambulance in NSW with life saving
devices? Give millions of dollars to charities? I guess shit like that
don't count as he is rich.
Fair dinkum, pull your head in and get a life.


Political Perspectives: 

Kerry Packer DIS-memorial

Friday, February 17, 2006 - 10:00pm to Saturday, February 18, 2006 - 12:00am

Packer DIS-memorial

planned for tax-payer
funded memorial

Media Release

A protest will be held at
the state
funded memorial service for Kerry Packer at the Sydney Opera House on
Friday 17.
March from 11am.