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Autonomous Organising of Oppressed Groups

Jura's policy on autonomous organising of oppressed groups

Developed March 2007

The Jura Collective welcomes all groups with broadly left-libertarian politics to use our space and form relationships with us. The form of these relationships will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

The Jura Collective supports the autonomous organising of opressed groups. For example, Jura supports the right of womyn to organise in womyn's autonomous collectives (made up only of womyn) if they wish. We believe that the struggles of oppressed peoples should be directed by those people themselves.

The Jura Collective supports such groups existing within the Jura Collective - similar to a caucus. When such groups are composed entirely of members of the Jura Collective then they can, if they wish, use the name Jura as part of their collective name, for example 'the Jura Autonomous Womyn's Collective'. When such groups involve both members (of the Jura Collective) and non-members, then the collective should not use the name Jura in their collective name. However, such a group is welcome to use the Jura space, and have a relationship with the Jura Collective (to be negotiated on a case by case basis, like any other left-libertarian group).

Also, it is expected that no-one at Jura should speak for anyone that they are not authorised to speak for. So, while autonomous collectives (inside or outside the Jura Collective) are entitled to speak and act for themselves, they should not speak for Jura as a whole. And they should make any differences of opinion between themselves and the Jura Collective publicly known. The same responsibility applies to the Jura Collective.