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New books and jigsaw puzzles!

Hi Jura supporters,
Here the the new titles that have come in from PM Press:
Teaching Resistance: Radicals, revolutionaries, and cultural subversives in the classroom, (ed) John Mink, $32;
Beyond Crisis: After the collapse of institutional hope in Greece, What?, John Holloway, Katerina Nasioka & Panagiotis Doulos, $29;
Judenstaat: The novel of a Jewish state in Germany, Simone Zelitch, $26;
Against Urbanism, Franco La Cecla, $19;
Building Free Life: Dialogues with Ocalan, (Eds) Internaltional Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan, $26;
Bullet Points and Punch Lines: The most important commentary ever written on the Epic American Tragicomedy, Lee Camp, $22.
Very exciting and a bit unusual, six jigsaw puzzles:resolve the puzzle and start the revolution!
Capitalism is a Pyramid Scheme, (1000 pieces), Artwork by Crimethinc, $50;
General Strike!, (1000 pieces), Artwork by Eric Drooker, $50;
Crass - Gig Poster Nottingham 1084, (1000 pieces), by persons unknown, $50;
Rudimentary Peni, Death Church, (500 pieces), Artwork by Nick Blinko, $50;
Submuns: The Day the country died, (500 pieces), Artwork by Nick Lant, $50;
Zounds - Can't cheat Karma, (1000 pieces), $50.
See you soon!