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Meeting minutes 19th August 2018

Date: 19/08/2018

Opened: 2:15 pm

Present: Stuart, Leanne, Josh, Ish, Hugh, Gavin, James, Tarryn


Acknowledgement of Country:


Self-introductions round the group.

Apologies from Tamara

Action Items: Membership processes, Roster, Next meeting, Newsletter, Sydney Uni stall, upcoming gigs

Reports - MABF (Ish), ASEN meeting

1. Membership processes

New members need to do 4 buddy shifts with different members and 3 meetings. Expected to do a minimum of five hours a month. You need to agree with our anarchist politics to beome a collective member. We now have a trusted friends facebook group, which is an alternative way of supporting Jura. We are totally voluntary, and decide things collectively by consensus. In the three month period prospective members can drop in and help out with events, and shifts. You can be added to the email organise list after your first meeting.

2. Stall at Sydney Uni

Ish spoke about the upcoming stall we were invited to host at Sydney Uni SRC for Radical Education Week. Ish spoke with Tom, who could do it on Thursday, but doesn't have a car. That would mean he couldn't do his shift. Time would probably be 10-4. Location is likely to be Eastern Ave, and we would be provided with a covered stall. Hugh could help out. Leanne could drop by for about an hour. Ish will confirm that Tom can still do it, and liaise with both Hugh and Ish.

3. Gig requests

Ish reported that Shady Nasty are keen for a date in September, possibly Friday 14th. Stuart can come, and Ish should be available. Other people have offered to help. Ish will continue to organise with the band. It's a punk band that has played here before. Gavin asked if helping at a gig would count as a training shift. The consensus was that it wouldn't count.

There was another request for 20th October, but we haven't received any more details from them.

Stuart pointed out that we can sometimes make good sales during gigs. People also donate for refreshments.

4. ASEN fundraiser / personal birthday party idea

Ish mentioned that someone would like to use Jura for a birthday/house party. The consensus was that a fundraiser for a group we would support would be OK, but not a personal birthday party.

5. IWW Film Night

Will be coming up again soon, after the first one on the 8th. It attracted new people, and gathered some donations. The next one will be better publicised.

6. Newsletter

One is due. Josh and Ish will work on one now that there are a couple of events to promote. Call out for left wing events to go into the newsletter, as well as suggestions of a main topic, and book reviews, links to topical articles. It's an email newsletter that goes to around 1800 people. Aim for end of August mail-out. Gavin is aware of some events coming up. Ish has to edit an article about a SydSol action. Josh is aware that the Wobblies have started a Bad Bosses register.

7. Melbourne Anarchist Book Fair

Ish reported as the only Jura member who participated. Two cars went down to Melbourne, with Caro, Evan and Ish, and Jackie. It rained so attedance may have been down. New International Bookstore and Melbourne Anarchist Club were other booksellers. Took in about $1500. Ish put in a $50 float. There have been no requests for fuel costs. Ish made some purchases at the fair, including 20 of the 'How to make trouble' diaries (paid $10, sell for $14) and 3 West Papua T-shirts @ $15 each (sell for $22), as well as a few other things. Some books from MAC. Some items still to come back to the shop from Caro. Ish will organise on his shift next Sunday.  A few Class War beanies sold. Some transactions were made over paypal, and there were lots of requests for EFTPOS. It would be good to revive investigation into EFTPOS. Vote of thanks to all who helped out at MABF.

8. ASEN meeting

ASEN is organising Students for Sustainability conference in Sydney next year. Two weeks ago ASEN held a planning day at Jura, 11 ~ 6. James reported that it was a productive day, and there will be more meetings. The kitchen was used to feed around 40 people. The collective is happy to welcome new volunteers. It's a specifically anti-capitalist organisation.

9. Request for Jack's papers for Jock Palfreyman

Jock had requested Jack's papers for Bulgarian prisoners. Jock is in gaol in Bulgaria. Sid did mention he would follow up with the people who have custody of Jack's papers. There are some copies of Red and Black in the shop. Some could be scanned and sent to Jock, or we might be able to mail some copies. He wants to read, translate and circulate. Hugh can sort through some Red & Blacks, and Gavin may be able to help. Caro has contact with the Bulgarian prisoners.

10. Vegan protest at Petersham Public House due to a "pork" festival

Josh reported that he noticed a protest.

11. Gavin - groups / events

Mardi Gras intervention group wanted to use Jura for meetings, but it didn't happen at Jura this week - too short notice.

We need sufficient advance notice to host meetings.

12. Shift Roster

Leanne will be away for four weeks, and can't do any Sundays in September. Sundays are the day that doesn't have regular coverage. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are routinely covered. Ish is down for next Sunday 26th. Josh will be away 9th-15th September. Gavin was advised to check shop is open before coming in to do a buddy shift.

13. International Communist Party magazine

5 copies of The Communist Party received on sale or return basis. We should write to them by email saying not to send them any further. Josh will send them a message. 4 copies will be kept until we have made contact with them.

14. Franz Fanon books

Josh sent an email to the list to see if we have The Wretched of the Earth, following a facebook request, but no copy could be found in the library. Leanne received a phone request for anything by Franz Fanon. We may be able to order. We may be able to get some in. Sid might be able to advise.

15. Jura Facebook Page and email list

Josh and Ish are keeping an eye on the Jura email and facebook accounts.

16. Allegations against Alex

Background was provided for the new people at the meeting. The group reviewing the allegation has not formally finalised its report back to Jura.

17. New rubbish bin

Thanks to Stuart for picking up a new rubbish bin. A lock needs to be fitted, so that only we can use it, for rubbish only. The recycle bin has been kept inside so that others can't use. The rates notice shows that we are entitled to domestic waste disposal as we are registered as part-residential. We should personalise the bin so it's clearly ours. 

18. Next meeting

Saturday in about 4 weeks - 22nd September 2pm. Leanne gives apologies in advance.

Meeting closed 3:50 pm.