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Heaps of exciting new titles at Jura

Hi peoples,

Support your local voluntary anarchist bookshop to do your end of year present shopping.

here is a huge array of new and long out of stock titles:

Very exciting to get back in stock after many, many years being out of print:
Quiet Rumours: An Anarcha-feminist Reader, Dark Star, $26;

Also long out of stock:
Songs of Work and Protest: 100 favourite songs of American workers complete with music and historic notes, Edith Fowke & Joe Glazer, $30;

The Story of the Iron Column: Militant Anarchism in the Spanish Civil War, Abel Paz, $28;

Siberian Makhnovshchina, Igor Podshivalov, $12 (pamphlet - rare English writing about the anarchists who fought for a free revolution in Siberia during the Russian revolution and counter-revolution)

Women and Economics, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, $15;

We are Many: Reflections on the Movement Strategy from Occupation to Liberation,(eds) Kate Khatib, Margaret Killjoy, Mike McGuire + David Graeber;

Upon the Backs of Labour, Arthur J. Miller, $30 (long awaited writings of a key IWW and labour organiser in the US);

How to Brew: Everything you wanted to know to brew beer rigt the first time, John Palmer, $30;

Nine-tenths of the Law: Property and Resistance in the United States, Hannah Dobbz, $30;

Soy Not "Oi"!: Over 100 Recipes Designed to Destroy the Government, Hippycore Krew, $10;

Revolutionary Class-struggle Anarchism, Wayne Price, $5;

Digger Tracts 1640-50, $7;

Juice is Stranger than Fiction: Selected Writings of T-Bone Slim, (ed) Franklin Rosemont, $15 (T-Bone was a working-class, self educated, IWW song writer on par with Joe Hill and an author);

Anarchism: A Collection of Revolutionary Writings, Peter Kropotkin, $14;

The Story of the Story of the Battle of Seattle, David Solnit & Rebecca Solnit, $18;

My Disillusionment in Russia, Emma Goldman, $19;

Free Pages and Hard Times: Anarchist Writings, Manuel Gonzalez Prada, $30;

Workers' Councils, Anton Pannekoek, $22.50 (into by Noam Chomsky);

No Gods No Masters: an anthology of anarchism, Daniel Guerin, $30;

Constituent Imagination: Militant Investigations, Collective Theorization, (eds) Stevphen Shukaitis, David Graeber, Erika Biddle, $30.

See you at Jura.