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Great new titles and re-stocks from AK Press

here are the new titles and re-stock items from the latest AK Press order:

'Haymarket Scrapbook' (125th Anniversary expanded reprint of original), Franklin Rosemont & Dave Roedinger, larg format book, $34;

'Witness to the German Revolution', Victor Serge, $22;

'Steam Punk Magazine: The first years, Issues 1-7', (large format book), $31;

'Rank & File: Personal histories by working-class organizers', Alice & Staughton Lynd (eds), Revised & expanded edn, $30;

'Normal Life: Administrative violence, critical trans politics and the limits of law' , Dean Spade, $24;

'Mythmakers & Lawbreakers: anarchist writers on fiction, Margaret Killjoy, $15 (includes Ursula K LeGuin, Michael Moorcock, Starhawk, Crimthink & Derek Jensen among others);

'From utopia to Apocalypse: Science fiction and teh politics of catastrophe, $30

'The Monster Within: The hidden side of motherhood', Barbara Almond, $29;

'Middle East Illusions', Noam Chomsky, $49;

'The Femicide Machine', Sergio Rodriguez, $19;

'Expect Anyting Fear Nothing: The Situationist movemnet in Scandinavia and Elsewhere', Mikkel Rusmussen & Jakob Jakobsen, $44;

'Doris #29', Doris, $3;

'Breaking Through Concrete: Building an urban revival', David Hanson & Edwin Marty, $44 (hardback);

'The Atlas of Climate Change: Mapping the world's greatest challenge', Kirstin Dow & Thomas Downing, $32;

'Captive Genders: Trans embodiment and the prison industrial complex', Eric Stanley & Nat Smith (eds), $32 (re-stock);
'Fragments of an anarchist anthropology', David Graeber, $ , (re-stock);
'Orgasms of History', Yves Fremion, $24 (re-stock);
'Why are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots', Mattilda Sycamore (ed), $27 (re-stock);
'The World's First Anarchist Manifesto', Anselme Bellegarrigue, $6 (re-stock);

Ciao, Sid.

PS The first of the Red and Black Forums: 'Anarchism and the Occupy Movement' discussion lead by Wenny - at Jura, Sunday 22nd April 2-4pm.
There are advertising leaflets at the shop, please take some to distribute around, paste up etc...- they're on the desk.