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Below is a list of the periodicals (magazines, zines, newspapers, newsletters, bulletins, etc.) held in the Jura library. After many years in storage, this collection was recently pulled out of archive boxes, sorted out and put on display. We are now going through the boxes for each publication, removing duplicate copies and putting them in order. You can measure our progress with this below: the ones we've sorted will have the 'Years Held' info included. Please note that for some of these periodicals, we only have one or two issues, whereas for others we have a large number of issues - the 'Years Held' info doesn't mean we have every issue between those years, it only shows the oldest/newest issue we have. Please get in touch with us if you'd like more information.

Name Details Place Years held
2600 The Hacker Quarterly New York, USA 2004-2005
Abolishing the borders from below Anarchist journal from Eastern Europe Eastern Europe 2006-
The Abolitionist The magazine of radical alternatives to prison London, UK 1981-1985
ACF publications and State-based conservation councils 1993-1995
Achilles Heel Mens free press London, UK 1979-1982
Acracia   Melbourne 1973-1975
Across frontiers Berkeley, USA 1985-1987
Activate Secondary students newspaper Australia 1988
Adbusters   Canada/Australia 1997-2011
Affinity Anarchist quarterly Melbourne 1983-1984
Ahimsa American vegan society USA 1965-1974
AIM Aboriginal Islander Message Australia 1980-1982
Ainrial Anarchist monthly Belfast 1985-1986
Akwesasne notes USA  
The Alarm Bulletin of FOCUS USA 1983-1984
Alternative criminology journal Sydney 1975-1981
Alternative male Sydney mens group newsletter Sydney 1987-1989
Alternative news service Carlton South, VIC 1974-1977
Allscrap Manufacturing workers paper NSW and VIC 1995-1997
Amnesty publications    
American atheist USA 1982-1987
American rationalist The alternative to religious superstition USA 1985-1992
The anarchist Brisbane 1994
Anarchist age Formerly the Libertarian workers bulletin. Weekly and Monthly Review. Melbourne 1989-present
Anarchist/anarchy Sydney anarchists Sydney 1970-1971
Anarchist black cross Australia Australia  
Anarchist black hammer Woodstock Anarchist Party magazine Stockton USA 1975-1976
Anarchist-feminist magazine UK 1983
Anarchist network newsletter Melbourne 1989-1991
Anarchist news An international journal of opinion New York, USA 1980-1982
Anarchist review Sydney Anarchist Group Sydney 1959-1960
Anarchist savants Autonomy through knowledge and creativity VIC 2007-2008
Anarchist studies    
Anarchist worker Ireland 1979-1981
The anarcho-syndicalist Melbourne 1999-2000
Anarchy   London, UK 1961-1985
Anarchy: a journal of desire armed Berkeley, USA 1985-2007
Antipode A radical journal of geography Worcester, USA 1979-1985
The Anvil   Melbourne 2007
Armchair Shirkers of the world unite!! UK 1991-1992
ASIF Anarch-surrealist-insurrectionary-feminists Melbourne 1973
ASR anarcho-syndicalist review Philadelphia, USA 1999-
Atheist journal Journal of the atheist society of Australia Australia 1973-1975
The atheist   Patamata, India 1974-1975
The Australian atheist   Adelaide 1974-1975
Auto-free times   USA 1996-1998
Autonome Oxford non-aligned left Oxford, UK #1-#3
Autonomy and Solidarity Love and Rage Newsletter Sydney Sydney 2001
AWD newsletter Action for world development Sydney 2000-2002
Bar none   USA 1975-1976
Bayou la rose   USA 1979-1981
Be happy   Sydney 1986-1987
Beyond the fragments   London, UK 1981-1982
Big flame   London, UK 1981-1982
Black circles   Sommerville, USA 1975-1976
Black flag Organ of the anarchist black cross. Anarchist fortnightly. UK 1970-
Blacklisted 411 The official hackers magazine   2004-2005
Blackmail   Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand 1982-1983
Black rag Anarcha-feminist paper Ireland 1978
Black rose   Boston, USA 1979-1987
Blak star Anarchist Students Union Sydney Sydney 1987-1988
Black star   Milwaukee, USA 1974-1976
Bread and roses London, UK  
Broadsheet Published by the Libertarian Society at Sydney University Sydney  
Broadsheet New Zealand's feminist magazine Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand
Bulldozer   Toronto, Canada
B.U.G.A U.P. Billbored Australia Australia  
Bulletin of anarchist research London, UK  
Builders Labourer Official journal of the NSW BLF Sydney  
Camp ink   Sydney  
Canberra crimes Canberra anti-authoritarian community news Canberra  
Cane toad times Broadway, QLD
Carfax comic Oxford anarchist weekly Oxford  
Cauldron A feminist journal  
Catalyst   Aotearoa New Zealand
Catholic worker New York, USA
Chain reaction Friends of the Earth Australia magazine 1975-1985, 2009-
Changing men Issues in gender, sex and politics USA  
Chapel town news Chapel town community centre Leeds, UK  
Chicago journalism review Chicago, USA
Chile fights   UK  
Cienfuegos press anarchist review UK  
Circle A Paper of the anarchist student union Sydney Sydney  
Civil liberty Council of civil liberties Sydney  
Class War Australia Australia  
Class War UK UK 1991-2005
Clamor New perspectives on politics, culture, media and life. A loud continous uproar of hundreds of human voices. USA  
Coevolution Published by the whole earth catalogue USA  
Comment New perspectives in libertarian thought USA  
Communities Journal of co-operation USA 1983-1986
Community action London, UK 1972-1983
The Commuter Save the public transport committee Sydney  
Crowbar Squatting news London, UK  
The Dandelion USA  
Defiance Newsletter of the Newcastle Anarchists Newcastle, NSW
The Digger   Australia 1973-1975
Dingo Just one weapon… direct action, just one purpose… total self-management Melbourne  
Direct action   UK  
Discussion bulletin IUCE USA  
Dissent   New York, USA
Dole news   Sydney  
Dragons teeth Anti-racist childrens books magazine London, UK 1981-1989
Drastic measures Rock against sexism UK  
Earth first!   USA  
Earth garden Sydney  
The ecologist UK  
Ecology and anarchism London, UK  
The egoist Formerly ego UK  
Elemental Elemental union for psychiatric change Sydney, NSW
Empire: from the mass worker to the multitude
End Journal of European nuclear disarmament London, UK 1984-1988
Environment news VIC  
Everything Anarchist feminist magazine Sydney, NSW 1979-1985
Eye-ball AKA acid eyeball Sydney, NSW
Feminist review    
Fifth estate   Detroit, USA 1977-
Fire to the prisons Insurrectionary anarchist quarterly from a longing for collapse Paramus, USA 2008
Framed Newsletter of the campaign exposing the frame-up of Tim Anderson Sydney, NSW
Framed Quarterly magazine of Justice Action Sydney, NSW
Free Associations    
Free Palestine Melbourne  
Freedom   UK 1962-
The Freethinker Secular humanist monthly London, UK  
Friends of the Earth Newsletters and miscellaneous publications, international and Australia (including Link-up) Australia and international
Frontline A review of black arts and culture London, UK  
Gaining ground Outta control anarcha-feminist news UK and Ireland
Gay community news Sydney, NSW; Melbourne, VIC
Gay information journal Sydney, NSW
Girls' own Sydney feminist newspaper Sydney, NSW
Glasgow peoples press Glasgow  
Global tapestry UK 1970s
Grapevine Produced by women for women only Perth, WA  
Green anarchy Eugene, USA
The Gong Wollongong out of workers union newspaper Wollongong  
Green anarchist The enemies of the people are those who know what the people need Oxford, UK 1984-1991
Greenpeace miscellaneous publications
Grey collar Bulletin of the government employees action group
Hapotoc Help a prisoner outlaw torture organising collective Amsterdam, Holland
Harbinger Journal of social ecology New York, USA
Hard core news Houston, USA
Hard times   Melbourne, VIC
Hazards bulletin British society for social responsibility in science UK  
Hecate A womens interdisciplinary journal QLD  
Hell on wheels Transport and lifestyle solutions for Sydney Sydney, NSW
Heraclitus Published by some Sydney libertarians, realists and critical drinkers. (Realists) Sydney, NSW
Here and now A magazine of radical ideas UK  
Humpty dumpty Nottongham, UK
Ideas and actions San Francisco, USA 1983-1991
The Indian libertarian An independent journal of public affairs Bombay, India
In creation A journal of art and upheaval
In print NSW prisoners news magazine NSW  
The Industrial Unionist UK  
Industrial Worker IWW paper Chicago, USA
Informativo pueblo pobre Chile  
Ins and Outs Amsterdam, Holland
Inside media Australia's fortnightly newsletter on media and affairs Australia  
Instead of a magazine Organ of the Lysander Spooner society USA  
Insurrection Anarchsit newspaper London, UK  
Ironworker news Cabramatta, NSW
Issue in radical therapy and cooperative power Berkeley, USA
Islington gutter press UK  
IWW Australia Direct action and other publications Australia  
Jail news   Sydney, NSW
Jewish socialist London, UK  
Journal of Australian Political Economy  
Journal of Homosexuality    
Jump cut A review of contemporary media
Kibbutz trends Yad Tabenkin, Kibbutz study centre Tel Aviv, Israel
Kick it over   Toronto, Canada 1983-2001
Kids/Childrens rights London, UK  
KSL Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library London, UK  
Labour focus on Eastern Europe UK  
Learning exchange East Malvern, VIC
Leeds other paper Leeds, UK  
The Leveller The new radical examiner feminist socialist magazine London, UK 1976-1982
Liberation   New York, USA 1967-1974
Libero international Kobe, Japan  
Libertarian Equal wages, equal decision-making, self- management group Brisbane, QLD 1976
Libertarian education Also Lib Ed and Libertarin teacher Leicester, UK 1970s-1991
Libertarian Libertarian society at Sydney University Sydney, NSW 1958-1960
Libertarian Labor Review anarcho-syndicalist ideas and discussion Champagne, USA 1986-1998
Libertarian socialist Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Wollongong
Libertarian workers bulletin Became Anarchist Age Melbourne 1979-1987
Libertarian worker QLD and VIC
Link Metal workers bulletin Sydney, NSW
Link-up Free brown paper UK  
A London weekly London, UK  
Love and rage Revolutionary anarchist newsmonthly New York, USA
Mabel Australian feminist newspaper Sydney, NSW 1975-1977
El Macriado   Delano, USA  
Madnes network news San Francisco, USA
Manas   Los Angeles, USA
The Match Anarchist journal Tucson, USA 1970-1999
Maximum rock and roll Berkeley, USA
Melbourne womens liberation newslatter Melbourne, VIC
Mejane   Sydney, NSW
Message stick North QLD land council QLD  
Middle East Research and Information Project MERIP Washington, USA 1980-1986
Midnight notes Jamaica plains, USA
Mothers and others for peace Asquith, NSW
Movement against uranium mining newsletter Including Third Opinion Sydney, NSW
Mutual aid   Brisbane, QLD
Mutiny A paper of anarchistic ideas and actions Sydney, NSW 2006-
NACLA Report on the Americas New York, USA
The national reporter Formerly counterspy USA  
The new German Critique    
New unionist   Minneapolis, USA
New libertarian note S.L.A.M. New York, USA
News from nowhere Fremantle, WA 1978-1983
News from nowhere USA and Canda
New womens times Rochester, USA
Nimbin news / Rainbow news Nimbin, NSW 1984-1988
No governor   USA  
No limits Brisbane anarchist newsletter Brisbane, QLD
No limits   Madison, USA
Nonviolence today QLD  
North american anarchist The newspaper dedicated to direct action from the anarchist communist federation USA and Canda
North country anvil Millesville, USA
North Queensland Land Council QLD  
Nosotros   Melbourne, VIC
Off our backs A womens news journal 1977-1987
The old mole Sydney, NSW
Open Road   Vancouver, Canada 1976-1990
Organise! For revolutionary anarchism London, UK 1998-
The other Israel Newsletter of the Israeli council for Israeli-Palestinian peace Israel  
Our generation Canada 197-1989
Out of work news Unemployed peoples union Parramatta, NSW
Outta control Belfast, UK  
Outwrite Womens newspaper London, UK  
Overthrow Yippies USA  
Peace Dossier UK  
Peace News   London, UK  
Peace Studies Melbourne  
The Plague Squatting Sydney  
The Pluralist Dissident journal of social and literary criticism Sydney  
Polish solidarity campaign news  
Political concern Melbourne  
Power of women Berkeley, USA
Prague spring Australia  
Prisoners' voice Victorian prisoners action group VIC  
Private eye   London, UK  
Processed world San Francisco, USA 1982-1994
Profane existence Making punk a threat again USA  
Race and Class    
Radical America Cambridge, USA
Radical education dossier Sydney  
Radical philosophy UK  
Radical science journal    
Rainforest action network and Native forest news
Rain Resources for building community Portland, USA
Raise the stakes The planet drum review USA  
Ramparts   Berkeley, USA
Rank and file news QLD, VIC  
Rationalist news Newsletter of the rationalist association of NSW Sydney 1969-1992
The Raven      
Reality now   Canada  
Rebel worker Sydney 1982-
Red and Black Sydney 1966-2001
Red and Black revolution A magazine of libertarian communism Ireland  
Red Balloon   New York, USA
Red rag A magazine of womens liberation London, UK  
Red rag Reading's only newspaper Reading, UK  
Red menace Libertarian socialist newsletter Toronto, Canada
Refractory girl A womens studies journal Sydney  
Resist   Sydney  
Resister Bulletin of the committee on South African war resistance UK  
Right to choose A womens health action magazine Sydney  
Rising free A paper of libertarian struggle
Ronin   Japan  
Root and Branch A libertarian socialist journal Cambridge, USA
Rouge   Australia  
Scarlet woman Socialist feminist magazine Australia  
Sanity Voice of CND London, UK  
SCRAM The anti-nuclear and safe energy journal
Science for people UK 1972-1989
Science for the people Washington, USA 1974-1987
Searchlight Anti-fascist monthly UK 1978-1995
Sheffield anarchist UK  
Shmate A journal of progressive Jewish thought Berkeley, USA
Show me the money USA  
Shrew   UK  
Sing out! The folk song magazine USA  
Slingshot   Berkeley, USA 1997-
Social Alternatives   QLD, Australia 1978-1994
Social Anarchism A journal of practice and theory Baltimore, USA  
Soil of Liberty   Minneapolis, USA  
Solidarity   Australia  
Solidarity For Workers Power London, UK  
Solidarity UK national. 3 versions UK 1977-
Spare Rib Womens Liberation Magazine UK 1974-1991
Sparks   Melbourne, Australia 1986-1991
Sparks   Sydney, Australia 1990-
Squat It!   Melbourne, Australia 1986-1989
Squatters News   London  
SRAF Social Revolutionary Anarchist Federation USA 1972(?)-1984
The State Adversary   Aotearoa  
State Research Bulletin   UK  
The Storm A journal for free spirits USA  
Strike! The newspaper dedicated to direct action Canada 1981-1986
Strike out People against vivisection NSW, Australia  
Sydney Centre for Workers Control Newsletter Sydney    
Sydney Women's Liberation Newsletter   Sydney  
Synthesis/Green Synthesis Social ecology newsletter San Pedro, USA  
Thesis Eleven    
Third World Economics      
Third World Resurgence   Malaysia  
Threshold   USA  
The Ticket Radio Skid Row Newsletter Sydney 1980-1983
Treason Anarchist magazine Melbourne, Australia  
Trouble and Strife Radical feminist magazine UK  
Turbulence Ideas for Movement UK  
Unless You're Free Anarchist newspaper Australia  
Undercurrents   UK  
Unity Voice of Concerned Postal Workers    
The Vegan   UK  
The Vegan Society Newsletter   NSW  
Volya Information Bulletin on Eastern Europe & USSR London  
Views and Comments/Towards Anarchism Libertarian League USA  
Voice of anarcho-syndicalism Paper of the Direct Action Movement Solidarity Federation UK  
WAI/Black Kite   Australia 2009-
Wildcat   UK  
WIN   Brooklyn, USA 1969-1983
Woman Speak   Sydney 1975-1990
Women A journal of liberation New York, USA  
Women's International Bulletin   Geneva and Rome  
Woodstock Anarchist Party   USA  
Work Hazards Workers Health Centre Lidcombe, Sydney  
Workers' Control Bulletin of the Institute of Workers' Control Nottingham, UK  
Workers' Playtime   UK 1984-1985
Workers' Solidarity   Dublin, Ireland 1984-2006
World Rainforest Reports      
WRI War Resisters International UK 1979-1985
Yipster Times   USA  
Zabalaza Journal of South African Revolutionary Anarchism South Africa  
Zero   UK 1977-1978
Z Magazine   USA 1991-