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Aboriginal solidarity statement

Jura books is on Gadigal land of the Eora people. The invasion and colonisation of this land by the British Government dispossessed those peoples of their land, their culture, and their lives. The colonisation continues to this day. Observe the constant police presence and the gentrification in the Aboriginal centre of Redfern, to the military invasion of indigenous communities of the Northern Territory. These are the modern tools of colonisation that today's rulers of society use against the indigenous peoples.

We support the ongoing struggle of Aboriginal people for land rights, self-determination, and justice. As anarchists we see these as issues relevant to all peoples all over the world. Furthermore, we acknowledge that there is much to learn from Indigenous people's sustainable relationship to this land over tens of thousands of years, eg: stewardship, not ownership of the land; the idea of 'growing up the land', rather than exploiting it, and sharing rather than profiting from the resources attained from the land. We invite people with sympathetic projects and ideas to work with us and/or to use Jura Books for such purposes.

This is a working document open to discussion.