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Zines, People's World Cup, (A) Book Club and Abortion Right

Hi Jura friends and supporters,

Mutiny Zine has reached
50 issues!
Mutiny is a is a Sydney anarchist zine that explores
different avenues of disobedience and resistance. Check it out online at http://www.jura.org.au/mutiny or in
hard copy at Jura or Black Rose. In celebration of more than 4 years
publishing, Mutiny is having a party tonight!
-> Mutiny 50th issue
, 7pm Fri 21 May at Black Rose (22 Enmore Rd,

For more zine-related fun, come and visit the Jura stall at the MCA zine fair
this Sunday, and help us give away hundreds of Mutiny zines. There will be 50 zine stalls, artist talks, panel
discussions and live music!

-> Jura stall at the
MCA zine fair
, 11-6pm Sun 23 May at MCA. More info at http://www.jura.org.au/node/1287

Also this weekend, come to a meeting to discuss and coordinate diverse actions
of Indigenous solidarity.
-> Anarchist Assembly
of Indigenous Solidarity
, 5pm Sat 22 May at Black Rose.

The time to turn the climate crisis around is slipping through our fingers.
It’s obvious that petitions, rallies and logical arguments are not enough to
change the position of Government and Big Business. All around the world there
is a growing movement of non-violent direct action on climate change. Come
along to learn more about how and why to take direct action.
-> Non-Violent Direct
Action Skillshare
, 10.30-4.30 Sat 22 May at ASEN. More info at http://www.jura.org.au/node/1285

Next week, come and join in (A)
new reading group at Jura
. The first book is Malatesta's 'Anarchy'.
It's short and copies are available for loan from the Jura library. In
'Anarchy', Malatesta seeks to explain the fundamental tenets of, and provide a
persuasive argument for, his version of anarchism. The text has been published
in more than fifty-five editions since 1892. Read it and come along to discuss
it, or just come along - someone will give a short summary of the book to start
the discussion. Copies are also online here: http://libcom.org/library/anarchy-malatesta.
-> (A) new book club,
6pm Mon 24 May at Jura.

As always, the last Thursday of the month sees acoustic music, food and drink
by donation. Anyone is welcome to come and listen or play.
-> Juracoustic,
7pm Thurs 27 May at Jura.

It's been more than 10 years since we've had a rally for abortion rights in
NSW, but now is the time to get active as abortion rights are under attack both in Australia and
. A young QLD couple have been charged under archaic
abortion laws and have been committed to stand trial in relation to the use of
RU486, an abortion drug, which they obtained from relatives overseas. RU486 is
legal in Australia and safe, however distribution remains tightly controlled by
the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Abortion remains a crime in NSW and QLD,
however common law rulings have established "lawful" grounds for
abortion when a woman's physical or mental health is at risk. A wide coalition
of feminist organisations have called this rally to demand that the charges be
dropped and all abortion laws to be repealed!
-> Abortion Rights
, 11am Sat 29 May at Martin Place. For more info http://www.jura.org.au/node/1304

Come and help run Jura Books. New ideas and volunteers are welcome!
-> Jura Collective
, 3.30pm, Sat 29 May at Jura.

In Canberra the Workers
Solidarity Network is organising a bus fare strike
. Drivers are
fighting against an insulting fare increase and unsafe conditions. http://www.jura.org.au/node/1307
-> Worke rs
Solidarity Network Sydney (Project X) Meeting
, 2pm Sun 30 May
at Jura.

In the shadow of corporate funding and overt attempts to deny the game's
multicultural and working-class history. In opposition to racist and sexist
attitudes within and surrounding the game. Jura is organising a match to reclaim football (yes, we
mean soccer).
A football match like no other you have ever been
a part of. A match that will borrow and adapt anarcho-football rules and style
of play, with any player able to substitute back for either team without formal
restrictions on substitutions. And naturally it will not be gender restrictive,
encouraging all to play! The general theme of the event will also aim to
subvert the primacy of nationalism and patriotism during the Men’s World Cup
period.Come join Jura people and the anarchist community in a football
kick-around within an anti-racist, anti-sexist setting. Jura will also organise
a people’s kitchen on the day. Kick
Racism out of Football. Tackle Sexism in Football. Shoot companies out of
Football Sponsorship. No Winners; No Losers.

-> People's World Cup,
2pm, 12 June at Jubilee Park, Glebe.

Also, every week at Jura:
-> Free guitar
lessons, every Thursday
. http://www.jura.org.au/node/1294
-> Food co-op, every
Friday / Saturday
. http://www.jura.org.au/foodcoop

Hope to see you soon!

Love and rage from the Jura Collective...

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