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Occupy the Summer


2011 has been a big year for Jura and political organising, and there’s plenty more to look forward to over the summer. Occupy Sydney continues into its third month, there will be plenty of gigs in the Jura library (powered by our solar system!) and a new Australian anarchist journal will be launched in early 2012.

But Christmas can be a trying time of year for many people. Despite the abundance of food, drink and company, we struggle with the massive overconsumption that besieges our society. This festive season, consider opting out of the corporate rat-race – make or grow your own gifts, give favours and skill shares to loved ones, or pick up some great radical material from Jura.

We will be open until the 24th of December and take a little break, reopening on January 4th.

Have a great holiday season. We'll see you in the streets!


In this newsletter:
: End of Year Party – This Saturday night!
: Occupy Sydney Free School
: Occupy Sydney Continues
: Last Minute Gift Ideas
: Holiday Opening Hours
: 2012 Diaries
: Gigs @ Jura
: IWW Meeting
: Sedition - a new Australian Anarchist Journal
: Get Involved With Jura
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End of Year Party! – This Saturday 17th December, from 7.00pm at Jura

One of the most eventful years of class struggle is nearly at an end …

From the uprisings across Africa and the Middle East, to the streets of the UK and continuing with the Occupy movement in the West. People everywhere are rediscovering their radical imagination as we realise the crises we face is caused by failed systems and simply replacing leaders while keeping the old system intact will not help. Come celebrate the recent popular resistance and plot revolution with
your comrades at the End of Year party.

With awesome music from:
: The Blast
: Paul Spencer
: And More!

See https://www.facebook.com/events/255928341135292/


Occupy Sydney Free School – This Saturday 17th December, 1.30-5.00pm at Martin Place

Occupy Sydney has been present in Martin Place almost continuously since 15th October 2011. A crucial part of the occupation is open public discussion of issues concerning humanity and the planet. Some of these discussions are organised into a ‘Free School’, held on most Saturday afternoons. Discussions this Saturday include:
: DIY renewable energy
: Workplace organising
: Experiences of Capitalism

See https://www.facebook.com/events/188621044565148/

Occupy Sydney Free School Facebook group:

More information at:


Occupy Sydney Continues

The Occupation of Martin Place continues after eight weeks, despite continued harassment from police and authorities. Many occupiers have faced persecution and fines for a wide range of absurd charges including stealing milk crates. Despite this, many people from all over Sydney and New South Wales have continued to converge on Martin Place coming together over ideas of anti-capitalism and economic equality. To get involved or show your support, visit the Martin Place occupation and check out the various working groups or events that are happening around the occupation.

More information at: http://www.occupysydney.org.au/

Calendar of Events, including the Occupy Parramatta Forum this Saturday to show court solidarity:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/occupysydmedia


Need last minute gift ideas?

If you need to do some end-of-year gift shopping, why not come to Jura Books, support a radical project and get awesome presents at the same time? Jura has heaps of new books, DVDs and T-shirts to choose from, as well as gift vouchers. Or you could give someone the gift of being a Jura supporter – donating $10 per month to Jura gets the supporter a permanent 15% discount on everything in the shop.

To become a Jura Supporter, see http://www.jura.org.au/donate


Holiday Opening Hours

Last-minute commodity fetish! Jura will be open 2-7pm on 21st – 24th December inclusive. We'll be closed on 25th December for holidays and will re-open on 5th January 2012.


2012 Dairies – Slingshot and Black Wallaby

Get yourself organised for 2012 with a Slingshot Organiser. These aren't just any diary – they're also filled with radical dates from people's struggles, beautiful artworks and political articles. The Organisers available in heaps of colours and sizes for you to choose from, ranging from $7 to $13. Or you could select a Black Wallaby diary, a beautiful home-grown version – come check out the diaries in the shop!


Gigs @ Jura

Jura has a number of upcoming gigs and shows including:

: Saturday 17th December – Jura’s End-of-Year Party featuring The Blast, Paul Spencer and others.

: Friday 30th December – Raein (from Italy).

: Saturday 14th January 2012 – Crouching 80s Hidden Acronym and Hopes featuring many others.


IWW meeting - Saturday 21st January, 2:00-4:00pm at Jura

Jura Books will play host to a meeting of a working group that is aiming to revive the Industrial Workers of the World union in Sydney.


Sedition – a new Australian Anarchist Journal

The first edition of ‘Sedition’ will be hitting the printers late January and distribution will begin in early February. The journal is a mutual collaboration between members of three geographically disparate Australian anarchist collectives – Jura Books, Melbourne Anarchist Club and Organise (the Adelaide anarchist communist group). The project aims to be a constructive medium for discussing ways forward for anarchist groups and anarchism in Australia, both in theory and praxis. A launch party will be held late February – please stay tuned!


Get Involved At Jura!

Come along to a Jura working bee or collective meeting to help Jura be a better space. We're always in need of volunteers to keep the place going and start up new projects – without you it won't happen! Our next collective meeting is Saturday 21st January, 4.00pm @ Jura Books – come along!


Some links that Jura recommends about Occupy:

: Video – Occupy Sydney: Operation Piñata – http://bit.ly/sCdNSe

: David Graeber – Occupy and Anarchism's Gift of Democracy –

: Video – From the streets of Oakland: General Strike Footage –

Occupy the Ports!

: Blockading the port is only the first of many last resorts –

: Video – Seattle and East Coast Ports Shutdown! - http://bit.ly/uQy217


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Love and rage from the Jura Collective.

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