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Hot solar power; Chile solidarity

Hi Jura friends,

Thanks to a heroic bunch of Jura supporters who have already donated, we've been able to put down the deposit on a 2.09KW grid-connected solar system. This will more than meet our energy needs in summer - we'll probably even get a modest payment back for the energy we supply to the grid. We'll use this money for our political work. The entire system will cost us $6,627.72 (including installation). We've already raised $1554, thanks to RS ($1000), SP ($310), NA ($120), FTW ($51), KO ($50), MP ($20), TR ($20), LP, JK, MV, and DT ($10 each).

Can you help us raise the remaining $5073?

We need to pay for and install our solar system as soon as possible, before the government changes the rules again and makes solar panels more expensive. We know this is happening on 30th June when the government's 'Renewable Energy Certificates' discount will disappear. But it may happen sooner. So please donate now.

Community-owned and controlled renewable energy systems are a vision of the future.
Can you imagine a world based on the principles of sustainability and decentralised collectivism? A world where communities own their own power systems. That's the world we want to model and fight for. A solar system at Jura is one step along that path. We oppose capitalist, state-run systems of carbon trading because they can't solve the climate crisis and are deeply unjust. Instead, we invite you to join us in grassroots organising for justice on climate change.

Please make a donation now to help make the Jura solar system a reality:
-> The best way to donate is to go to your internet banking and make a direct deposit into the Jura Bank account:
Account name: Jura Books Libertarian Labour
BSB: 062 193
Account Number: 1020 4881
-> Or donate by credit card or paypal: http://www.jura.org.au/donate
-> Or donate in person at Jura, anytime we're open
-> Or donate by posting a cheque or money order made out to 'Jura Books' to Jura Books, PO Box N32, Petersham North, NSW 2049.
-> Or send us an email telling us you can help. We will get back to you and discuss the best way to contribute.

Every donation large or small is appreciated. Each person who donates $50 or more will receive a gift pack with political goodies in it. Just email us (jura@jura.org.au) with your address after you have made the donation.

In order to explore the future of renewable energy in Australia, Jura is hosting a special presentation by Nicky Ison - 'Practical community action towards a climate just world'. Nicky is a climate change and renewable energy activist and researcher who has recently returned from a study tour of 28 community renewable energy projects across Europe. She is a founding member of the Community Power Agency. This presentation will
- Highlight exciting stories of European community energy projects
- Discuss the social change benefits and challenges of community renewables in responding to climate change and creating a more just world
- Provide an overview of what is happening with community renewables here in Australia
- Enable space for all present to discuss what we can do together to develop community renewable energy projects, with a particular look at the role of anarchists, activists and interested people.
-> 6.30pm, Thursday 5 May 2011 at Jura.

On 14 August 2010 an absurd spectacle of repression took place in Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile. 14 people have been prosecuted with the only evidence being their political identity. 8 are held facing charges for all the armed, explosive, and incendiary attacks that took place during the last three years against the state and capitalist targets inside the country. Andrea Urzua, Camilo Perez, Carlos Riveros, Felipe Guajardo, Francisco Solar, Monica Caballero, Rodolfo Ratamales, Venicio Aguillera, and Omar Hermosilla began a hunger strike on 21 February 2011 demanding their release as well as the abolishment of the anti-terrorism law. Through this struggle they make clear that they are not willing to be submissive in the cages of democracy. The arsenal of laws possessed by all modern totalitarian regimes are a tool for the elimination of anybody who is a conscious enemy of authority. Our solidarity and the passion for freedom that we share cannot be contained by borders. Solidarity is our weapon! Pleae join us at a film screening and music night hosted by Jura. Music by Black Vat Trio, Thylacine, and more. The film 'The Chicago Conspiracy' will be screened and discussed. More info: http://www.subversiveactionfilms.org/the-chicago-conspiracy/
-> Solidarity with Chilean prisoners, film night and party. 6pm (film and discussion), and 8pm (music) on Friday 15 April at Jura.

Out from under a rock somewhere in middle England, Men Diamler is a young man with a cult reputation who will not be tamed by the powers that be. He reconfigures English/Welsh soul music through woozy operatics and wild and weird song stories. With his amazing voice and battered old guitar, Men Diamler will transform Jura Books. Be there!
-> Men Diamler, direct from the UK, 7pm, Friday 29 April at Jura. By donation.

Want to help make Jura better? Want to work with other people to make a better world? Come along to the next Jura meeting or working bee. The first half hour of the meeting will be a discussion about the philosophy behind WikiLeaks, based on the reading here:
-> Jura Collective Meeting, 6pm, Thurs 21 April at Jura.
-> Jura Working bee, 12-5pm on both Sat 16 April and Sun 17 April at Jura.

Want healthy organic food at a decent price?
-> Jura Food Co-op - order by Wednesday, pick up on Friday or Saturday. www.jura.org.au/foocoop

Want the latest, tastiest radical books from around the world? Jura has just received another huge shipment.
-> New books at Jura! See a selection at http://www.jura.org.au/news

There are now 974 people on this Jura email announcement list; let's get to 1000! Please forward this message to your friends and encourage them to donate to fund a community-owned solar power system. And like us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jura.books

Love and rage from the Jura Collective.

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