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The Gnome Rebellion

The gnomes are getting restless. They work hard in their gardens, workshops and mines. They're forced to buy genetically-modified seeds to grow food that they don't get to eat. Made to carve furniture that they never get to sit on, type emails that don't get read, and dig up stuff that pollutes the air their children breath. While the big bosses enjoy the fruits of their labour and live in luxury.

Gnomes are sick of working long hours for others' profit. They're sick of the destruction of the climate and the constant attacks on gnome community services and public welfare. They're sick of living isolated lives in the corners of gardens, and behind keyboards. Gnomes are sick of the racism, sexism and ablism that pits one gnome against another and paints all gnomes as less than human.

The gnomes have been discussing the ideas of their comrade Noam Chomsky. Celebrity Noam said 'At this stage of history, one of two things is possible: Either the general population will take control of its own destiny and will concern itself with community interests guided by values of solidarity and sympathy and concern for others, or alternatively there will be no destiny to control.'

Enough! The gnomes have decided to take action! They've turned off their TVs and logged out of facebook. They're making celebrities and self-appointed leaders irrelevant. Together, they've downed tools and gone on strike. They've taken to the streets and are speaking out - finding voices they never knew they had. From Annandale to Bondi Junction, Newtown to Broadway, the gnomes are occupying Sydney. Running stalls, talking to fellow gnomes, taking direct action. And the world is changing.

See photos of the gnome rebellion at http://www.chomskyforum.net/gnomes

Lets build the rebellion together. Join the gnomes by learning more about the ideas of Noam Chomsky at these upcoming events:
-> University of Wollongong. 'The Radical Ideas of Noam Chomsky'. Speakers: Brian Martin, Professor of Social Sciences and Lindsay Hawkins. 12.30pm, Monday 10 October. Free.
-> UWS Bankstown, 'Chomsky and hope for avoiding ecological disaster'. In recent years, Chomksy has put forward a piercing critique of the ecologically destructive nature of capitalism. He also offers ideas about how we can build a better future. Three speakers will explore his ideas and facilitate critical discussion. Erst Carmichael is a UWS lecturer in Literacy and Learning and a Blue Mountains community/environmental activist. Sid Parrissi has recently completed a Phd in Sustainability at UWS, and Simon Dougherty is a PhD scholar in Political and Social Thought at UWS. 1pm, Wednesday 12 October. Free.
-> Jura Books, 'Chomsky on Israel / Palestine'. Chomsky has been a forceful voice of opposition to US-Israeli State terror. He exposes the technologically advanced US-Israeli war machine for its hypocrisy, brutality and criminality. Little wonder that he has been denied entry to Israel. A Palestinian activist will give an introductory talk and there will also be live Middle Eastern songs and music. 3pm, Saturday 15 October. By donation.
-> UNSW, 'The Radical Ideas of Noam Chomsky'. Peter Slezak, Associate Professor in the school of History and Philosophy will introduce the radical expanse of Chomsky's thought. There will also be a free food serving by Food Not Bombs. 1pm, Tuesday 18 October. Free.
-> Sydney University, 'Chomsky and hope for avoiding ecological disaster'. Dr Stuart Rosewarne is a lecturer in the Department of Political Economy and a long time environmental activist. He will talk about his work in the area of climate justice. Claire Parfitt is a research student at Sydney University, works on the Greenpeace agriculture campaign and is an activist in the refugee solidarity movement. She will speak on the connection between capitalism and food crisis. 1pm, Thursday 20 October. Free.
-> Jura Books, 'Chomsky's revolutionary politics'. This forum will explore Chomsky's libertarian socialist politics and what they might mean for revolutionary social change in Australia today. There will be two speakers followed by discussion. 3pm, Saturday 22 October. Free.
-> UTS, 'Chomsky's Ideas on the Media: how they influenced thinking on the media, how they went out of fashion, and are they relevant today?' Speakers: Wendy Bacon and James Goodman. Tuesday 25 October.

More details about each event, including room location, Facebook RSVP, and suggested readings at: http://www.chomskyforum.net/events

Donations are also needed to help sponsor a gnome - http://www.jura.org.au/donate

'Strategies of Struggle from below' is a new experimental documentary exploring diverse forms of social organisation in different regions in the beautiful, unique but complex country of Colombia. Street art, technology, education, direct action and international solidarity are some of the tools used by artists, students, indigenous groups, unions and other social grassroots organisations to challenge the dominant social relations of neoliberal policy - lowering of working conditions, generalised repression, impunity, individualism and competition.
-> 7pm, Friday 7 October, at Jura.

Rally to say no to Government's Income Management - not in Bankstown, not in the NT, not anywhere! Support the call for a moratorium and stop the NT Intervention. The Federal Government is trying to introduce Income Management into Bankstown in 2012, along with four other 'trial sites' across Australia, including Shellharbour and Wyong in NSW. This policy quarantines half of Centrelink income onto a BasicsCard which can only be used to buy 'priority items' at government-approved stores. Speakers include: Barbara Shaw, Aboriginal leader from Alice Springs who has been on Income Management four years.
-> Rally against Income Management, 11.30am, Saturday 8 October, at Paul Keating Park, Bankstown (cnr Chapel rd and The Mall). More info at http://www.jura.org.au/node/1629

Protest 10 years of US-led war and occupation in Afghanistan with Stop the War Coalition and others. Occupying forces haven’t even bothered to keep count of all the innocent Afghan civilians who have been killed by this war of terror, but the numbers either dead or displaced runs into the millions.
-> Rally - 10 years of war, troops out of Afghanistan. 12 noon, Saturday 8 October, at Sydney Town Hall.

A casual gathering of writers of all levels and any genre is beginning at Jura Books. This gathering involves short exercises, sharing our writing and mingling. Open to new members - register through the meetup group at http://www.meetup.com/Inner-Sydney-Writers-Salon/.
-> Inner Sydney Writers' Salon, 7pm, Tuesday 11 October, at Jura.

Sadly, the Jura Collective has had to make the decision to put the Jura food buyers co-op on hold indefinitely. It's been a great project, helping hundreds of people in the local area to get fresh organic food at great value every week for around 4 years. We want to thank all of you for being a part of this project and showing how successful and important co-ops can be. We would particularly like to thank the amazing folks at Alafalfa House who have helped keep the Jura food co-op going and always been very patient and generous with their time and produce. The Jura Collective made this decision because we are finding ourselves stretched at the moment - there aren't enough volunteers to do all the projects we want to do. If anyone is interested in re-starting the Jura food co-op, or volunteering in other ways, please get in touch. All are also welcome to come to the next Jura Collective meeting to observe and/or get involved.
-> Jura Collective Meeting, 6pm, Wednesday 19 October, at Jura.

There are now 1,137 people on this Jura email announcement list, and 721 fans on facebook. Please keep telling your friends about Jura, and please share the Chomsky Forum website and like it if you're on facebook - the button is at the bottom of the page http://www.chomskyforum.net/.

Love and rage from the Jura Collective.

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