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Build community solar power, not prisons

Hi Jura friends,


Tomorrow (Thursday), Jura is hosting an evening of learning about the Prison Industrial Complex.
A set of short films and clips will be shown, collected by a
recently-formed collective based in Sydney with a vision for a world
without prisons. Films will include:

  • Short video lecture about the Prison Industrial Complex by prison abolitionist activist Angela Davis
  • Short film/clips about Aboriginal incarceration and deaths in custody
  • News clips from the recent Georgia Prisoners' Strike (the largest in US history)
  • A 30 minute film exploring the botched and deadly evacuation of the New Orleans Parish Prison
    during Hurricane Katrina, and the broader climate of racial tension and
    brutality throughout the local and Federal response to the disaster
  • Plus discussion!

-> What is the Prison Industrial Complex? 7pm, Thurs 24 March at Jura. Snacks provided. FREE.


Many people in the Jura community are actively fighting climate change
and building the grassroots movement for a sustainable planet. Last
month some of us went to Newcastle and (along with hundreds of other
people) successfully blockaded the world's largest coal port and stopped
the coal ships for a whole day. Now we want to make Jura solar powered.
We believe that community-owned and controlled renewable energy
systems are part of the solution to the climate crisis. We would like
you to join us in owning a renewable energy system.

The Jura Collective wants to install a grid-connected solar panel system
on our roof. Together with efforts to reduce our energy use (for
example by using less heating in winter - our main problem area) this
will be a significant contribution to reducing carbon pollution. It will
also reduce our electricity bills for years to come - making Jura more
stable and able to focus on grassroots political organising.

We realise that a solar system is just a small step towards reducing
emissions. We also know that the NSW renewable energy policy is
compromising and limited. For example there has been a 'multiplier'
policy that applies to the renewable energy installed in NSW so that the
energy counts for an inflated amount (5 times as much) under the
Renewable Energy Target. That’s right – some of NSW’s climate policy is
literally hot air! We are sceptical about this policy and are happy to
see its end as the multiplier is phased out.

We see a solar system at Jura as only a step, but nonetheless a valuable
step, in transitioning society towards principles like sustainability
and decentralised collectivism. We are opposed to capitalist, state-run
systems of carbon trading - they cannot solve the climate crisis and are
deeply unjust. Instead, we invite you to join us to support and get
involved in grassroots organising that will take us towards justice on
climate change. One great way you could do this is to come along to the
community-run Climate Action Summit 2011: From the ground up. It's in Melbourne, but if you'd like to travel down with friendly folks from Jura, just get in touch.

We need to raise at least $2000 to put solar panels on our roof.
(If we raise more, we will get a larger system.) If you have ever
wanted to put solar panels on your roof but can't because you're a
renter or can't afford a whole system, this is your chance to join with others to own a community-controlled solar power system.

Please donate now to help Jura buy solar panels for our roof:

  • The best way to donate is to go to your internet banking and make a direct deposit into the Jura Bank account:

Account name: Jura Books Libertarian Labour
BSB: 062 193
Account Number: 1020 4881

  • Or donate by credit card or paypal: http://www.jura.org.au/donate
  • Or donate in person at Jura, anytime we're open
  • Or donate by posting a cheque or money order made out to 'Jura Books' to Jura Books, PO Box N32, Petersham North, NSW 2049.
  • Or send us an email telling us you can help. We will get back to you and discuss the best way to contribute.

Every donation large or small is appreciated. Each person who donates $50 or more will receive a gift pack with political goodies in it. Just email us (jura@jura.org.au) with your address after you have made the donation.

Everyone is always welcome to come and see how Jura operates at our
monthly collective meetings. You might even want to get more involved
and help run the place!
-> Jura Collective Meeting, 6pm, Thurs 21 April at Jura.

Come and help us paint the shopfront red and the roof white (to reflect
sunlight and avoid the need for energy-guzzling air-conditioning).
-> Jura Working bee, 12-5pm on both Sat 16 April and Sun 17 April at Jura.

Welcome to all the
new members of the Jura Food Co-op. After leafleting over 3,000 houses
in the local area the food co-op is thriving with dozens of people
getting a box each week. You too can get great value organic fruit and
vegie boxes).
-> Jura Food Co-op - order by Wednesday, pick up on Friday or Saturday.


Men Diamler is playing at Jura! UK West Country wanderer Men Diamler brings his amazing voice, battered old guitar, and brilliantly eccentric take on British folk-song-as-story-telling.
Skinny Webzine describes Men Diamler as the 'sinister side' of twee, he
'is pure mental, he sings about cats and suicide and screams 'one of
these days you'll feel much better'. He gets up and runs about like his
arse is on fire. He makes us all sing along. Thing is, we feel better
right away'. Stranger Songs calls Men Diamler 'one of the greatest live acts in the country'
and Thora Zine writes, 'Men Diamler cannot be ignored. He looks a
little like electric-era Bob Dylan, and it's just him and his guitar,
and sometimes it's just him, a cappella and not even always in front of a
microphone, but his voice is so astonishing that traffic literally
stops.' For more info check out his website and facebook.
-> Men Diamler, direct from the UK, 7pm, Friday 29 April at Jura. By donation.


Jura has just received a huge new shipment of political posters, including dozens of new Celebrate People's History posters from Justseeds Artists' Cooperative.
These beautiful artworks celebrate and tell the story of inspiring
people, organisations and times from the history of struggle. Some
examples to whet your appetite:

  • B.U.G.A U.P.
    Australian activists who cleverly disrupted and re-appropriated
    thousands of billboards to undermine cigarette advertising (1978 - 1994)
  • Emma Goldman. Anarchist revolutionary (1869 - 1940)
  • The IWW. Powerful anarchistic / communist trade union in the US
  • Las Mujeres Libres. The free women of spain who fought in the Spanish Civil War (1936)
  • Matzpen. The first leftist anti-zionist organisation in Israel (1962)
  • Sylvia Ray Rivera. Participant in the Stonewall riot (1969)
  • EZLN. The Zapatista army of liberation formed by the Indigenous people of Chiapas, Mexico (1995 to today)

All these and many
more political posters are on display and available at Jura. Some sets
of posters cost as little as $4 for 20, and we still have sets of the
Peace Posters, which are FREE!


We know Facebook is an evil corporation, but we try to use it as best we
can to spread the politics of anarchism. So please 'like' us and
suggest us to your friends. Also, you may have noticed that recently on
Facebook you are only seeing updates in your newsfeed from the same
people, and not from Jura. This is because the 'new' Facebook has a
newsfeed setting that by default is automatically set to show only posts from people who you’ve recently interacted with
or interacted the most with. You can fix this by scrolling down to the
bottom of your newsfeed on the homepage and clicking on 'Edit options',
then click on 'Show posts from' and change the setting to 'All of your
friends and pages'.
-> http://www.facebook.com/jura.books


There are now 945
people on the Jura announcement list! Help us get to 1000 by forwarding
this message to your friends and telling them about Jura! Subscribe your email here: http://www,jura.org.au/subscribe. Do you know
anyone who would like to donate to a community owned solar power system?

Love and rage from the Jura Collective.

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