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Community-controlled solar power!

Community-owned and controlled renewable energy systems are a vision of the future. Can you imagine a world based on the principles of sustainability and decentralised collectivism? A world where communities own their own power systems. That's the world we want to model and fight for. A solar system at Jura is one step along that path.

Many people in the Jura community are actively fighting climate change and building the grassroots movement for a sustainable planet. Recently some of us went to Newcastle and (along with hundreds of other people) successfully blockaded the world's largest coal port and stopped the coal ships for a whole day.

Now we want to make Jura solar powered. We believe that community-owned and controlled renewable energy systems are part of the solution to the climate crisis. We would like you to join us in owning a renewable energy system.

TThe NSW Liberal Government has announced legislation that will severely undermine the solar power industry. The Federal Labor government is sucking up to big business and watering down their already pathetic carbon price. The market 'solution' of Renewable Energy Certificates is just helping big polluters - their price has dropped dramatically, making it more expensive to install renewable energy.

All of this means that Jura (and everyone else) will have to pay more to switch to renewable energy. There will be less financial return, and more climate change, over time. In April, we were quoted $6,627, but now we've been told we'll have to pay $7,339 to install 2.09KW of solar power at Jura.

But we're forging ahead. Capitalism and governments caused this crisis, but the community will fix it. Research from UNSW has shown that the majority of the 120,000 households in NSW who have already installed solar power have household income of less than $70,000 and live in low-income areas.

When researcher Nicky Ison spoke at Jura last month, she showed how community-owned renewable energy can de-carbonise, de-centralise and democratise. This is the future we're fighting for.

Jura is going to generate clean, renewable energy and be an inspiring model of sustainability - despite the government! It's the right thing to do - for the climate, for future generations, and to make Jura an inspiring model of sustainability. Our plan is to install a 2.09KW grid-connected solar power system on 1 June. But we need your help. So far the Jura community has raised $4,430! So there's only $2,630 to go. But if we don't raise enough money in the next few weeks, we'll have to get a smaller system.

Please make a donation now!

We realise that a solar system is just a small step towards reducing emissions. We also know that the NSW renewable energy policy is compromising and limited. For example there has been a 'multiplier' policy that applies to the renewable energy installed in NSW so that the energy counts for an inflated amount (5 times as much) under the Renewable Energy Target. That’s right – some of NSW’s climate policy is literally hot air! We are sceptical about this policy and are happy to see its end as the multiplier is phased out.

We see a solar system at Jura as only a step, but nonetheless a valuable step, in transitioning society towards principles like sustainability and decentralised collectivism. We oppose capitalist, state-run systems of carbon trading because they can't solve the climate crisis and are deeply unjust. Instead, we invite you to join us in grassroots organising for justice on climate change.

If you have ever wanted to put solar panels on your roof but can't because you're a renter or can't afford a whole system, this is your chance to join with others to own a community-controlled solar power system.

Please make a donation now to help make the Jura solar system a reality:

-> The best way to donate is to go to your internet banking and make a direct deposit into the Jura Bank account:
Account name: Jura Books Libertarian Labour
BSB: 062 193
Account Number: 1020 4881
-> Or donate by credit card or paypal account by clicking on the button below:

-> Or donate in person at Jura, anytime we're open
-> Or donate by posting a cheque or money order made out to 'Jura Books' to Jura Books, PO Box N32, Petersham North, NSW 2049.
-> Or send us an email telling us you can help. We will get back to you and discuss the best way to contribute.

Every donation large or small is appreciated. Each person who donates $50 or more will receive a gift pack with political goodies in it. Just email us (jura[at]jura.org.au) with your address after you have made the donation.