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Heaps of new titles at Jura.

Hi all,

Here are the new titles in this week:

Doris 32, $4.50;

Bananeras: Women transforming the banana unios of Latin America, Dana Frank, $24;

New books this week at Jura

Hi everyone,

Here are the new books and periodicals this week at Jura:

Here are the new titles this week:

Witch Girl and the Push: Social History as You've Never Read it, Lyn Gain, $27 (recent Sydney Push libertarian/anarchist history)

Miracles ain't What they Used to Be, Joe Lansdale, $17 (radical short stories from PM Press);

New hard core anarchist readings at Jura.

Anarchist readings:

Anarchist Immigrants in Spain and Argentina, (HB) James Baer, $90.

(back in stock) Beer and Revolution: The German anarchist movement in New York City, 1880-1914, Tom Goyens, $50.

New books

Hi everyone,

short list of new titles this week:

The Basics of Permaculture Design, Ross Mars, $32;
Permaculture: Principles and Pathways beyond Sustainability, David Holgrem, $38.
Seeya at Jura.

Non violence & the pacific road at Jura

Hi Everyone,

Here are this week's new titles. I've concentrated on anti-war/pacifist material by Brian Martin - who has supported Jura over the years also note a book by long-time friend of Jura, Karen Kennedy.


Deeply Felt: Reflections on religion & violence within the anarchist turn, Karen Kennedy, $25;

New titles

The Liberation of Painting: Modernism and Anarchism in Avant-Guerre Paris, Patricia Leighton, (large format hard back), $88;

Decolonizing Solidarity: Dilemmas and Directions for Supporters of Indigenous Struggles, Clare Land (forward Gary Foley), $48;

Shit load of new titles.....

New titles:

On Western Terrorism from Hiroshima to drone warefare, Noam Chomsky & Andre Vltchek, $35.

On Palestine, Noam Chomsky & Ilan Pappe, $22.

Managing Democracy, Managing Dissent: Capitalism, Democracy & the organisation of consent, (ed) Rebecca Fisher, $24.

Exciting new books available at Jura

Hi all,

here are Jura's new titles this week:

Goals and Means: Anarchism, syndicalism and Internationalism in the origins of the Federacion Anarquista Iberica (FAI), Jason Garner, $29;

New books at Jura this week.

New books this week:

No Regrets: Counter-culture and Anarchism in Vancouver, Larry Gambone, $35;

The Meaning of Freedom and Other Difficult Dialogues, Angela Davis, $24;

Workers Councils and the Economics of Self-Managed Society, Cornelius castoriadis, $18;

Freedom is a constant Struggle, Angela Davis, $24;