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New books and journals at Jura.

Hi everyone,

Here are the new books in this week:

The Aesthetic of our Anger: Anarcho-Punk, Politics and Music, Mike Dines & Matthew Worley (eds), $38;

Jura Books - new stock and re-stock - this week!

Hi everyone,

Here are the latest new, and a couple of re-stocked, titles at Jura:


We Want Freedom: A life in the Black Panther Party, Mumia Abu-Jamal, (new edn), $30

New titles

New titles & re stock:

New items this week

Hi everyone,

Here are the new titles for this week:


The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines Made Australia, Bill Gamage, $38 (a good companion to 'Dark Emu', as mentioned last week);

New books this week

Here are the new books this week at Jura:


Dark Emu: Black Seeds, Agriculture or Accident?, Bruce Pascoe, $35 - Critically important book for all Australians, with revealing material about the reality of traditional Aboriginal life on this continent - dispelling myths.

New books and journals at Jura.

Hi everyone,

here are the latest titles:


From PM Press:

Anarchy and the Sex Question: Essays on Women and Emancipation, 1896-1926, Emma Goldman, $19.50;

Latest new titles....and mulit-coloured Slinghots! have arrived!!!

Hi peoples,

here are the new titles in at Jura this week:

Slingshot (large), $18 - many colours available;

Slingshot (sm), $9                         "                     ;

New books & journal

Hi all,

here are the new titles for this week:


Le Monde Libertaire No1781- Sept/Oct, $4.

The Word for World is Forest, Ursula K. LeGuin, $15.

New titles at Jura

Here are some of the new titles in at Jura lately:

Worlds of Exile and Illusion, Ursula K. LeGuin, $23 (three of her Hanish series novels in one recently published book);

If we all spat at once, they'd drown, Sam Wallman, $17 (radical and working class cartoons from Melbourne);

New titles from PM Press and PiO's anarchist poetry from Melbourne.

New titles, from PM Press:

The First Socialist Schism: Bakunin Vs Marx in the International Working Men's Association, Wolfgang Eckhardt, $50 (this is a gigantic effort, not only because it's 600 pages, but because of the breadth and depth of the study. Well accompanies Ronald Tabor's 'The Tyranny of Theory');