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New AK Press books this week

Hi Jurans,

Here are the new titles from AK Press this week:

'Revolution by the Book - AK Press' T-shirt, $24.

You're in the Wrong Bathroom: Trans gender..., Laura Jacobs et al, $24

Latest books at Jura from AK Press

Hi everyone,

Here is the list of the latest books and pamphlets from AK Press:

Anarchy Works: Examples of anarchist ideas in practice, Peter Gelderloos, $21;

(new edition) With the Peasants of Aragon, Augustin Souchy Bauer, $19;

New books from PM Press, one of our favourite anarchist publishers...

Hi Good people,

Here are the new titles from PM Press:

William Godwin, Philosopher, Novelist, Revolutionary,  Peter Marshall, $39;

Reassessing the Transnational Turn: Scales of analysis in anarchist and syndicalist studies, (ed) Constance Bantman et al, $32.50;

New titles

Hi everyone,

Here are some new titles this week:

500 Years of Resistance Comic Book, Gord Hill, $15 (anti imperialist/anti colonialist text);

(back in stock) Revolution in Rojava: Democratic Autonomy and Women's Liberation in Syrian Kurdistan, Michael Knapp, Anja Flach et al., $40;

New titles at Jura Books this week


Kropotkin and the Anarchist Intellectual Tradition, Jim Mac Laughlin, $45;

Words are my Matter: Writing about life and books 2000-2016, Ursula Le Guin, $36;

New titles at Jura this week.

Hi everyone,

Here are the latest newbies at Jura:

The Dossier of Subject No 1218: A Bulgarian Anarchist's Story, Alexander Nakov, $33.

A Small Key Can Open a Large Door: the Rojava Revolution, by 'strangers in a tangled wilderness', $23.

New books this week

Hi Everyone,

Just two new books this week:

Cooperatives Confront Capitalism: Challenging the neoliberal Economy, Peter Ranis, $30.

The Egyptians: A radical story, Jack Shenker, $20.


Latest new titles at Jura Books.

Hi Everyone,

New books:

Antifascism, Sports, Sobriety: Forging a militant working-class culture, (ed) Gabriel Kuhn, $19.50.

Complete Works of Malatesta: A long and patient work, Vol 3, $38;

Latest at Jura

Hi all,

Here are the new titles for this week:


Gender Outlaws: On men, women, and the rest of us, Kate Bornstein, $24;