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Jura's looking for shifty people

If you're a bit shifty, and you'd like to help Jura out by doing some shifts, now's definately the time to contact us. Jura is an all-volunteer, collective-run bookshop. We rely on volunteer collective members to keep our doors open. Some of our collective members are facing life-changes and moving on to new things, so we need you to come and help us out.

We are looking for anarchists and broadly libertarian folk to commit to a regular shift in the shop. This can be 3 hours a week, or one day a month. You're welcome to pair-up on shift so you've got company, and you get first pick of the books in stock.


The Jura Financial Review for 2005

Please note that this is the first
attempt in a long time to get the Jura Books accounting system in
some sort of presentable order. Also note that these are the accounts
for the bookshop itself, not the Overhead Expenses Account, nor the
ARI Building Maintence/Repayment Account. The figures will make any
professional accountant shudder, but they are a beginning, enough to
give us a base line for future better, and transparent, accounting.
We also need to sort out a few other financial matters, such as our
banking and the shop's bookkeeping practices (the day book, the web
site, the on-consignment system and the mail orders). On the whole,
we can report that the Jura Books situation (these accounts) is quite
good and improving all the time. Our sales are up, we have a much
bigger proportion of new stock on the shelves and are getting into
new distributors/publishers; although we still emphasise the
anarchist traders such as AK Press and Anarres Book Distributors.


Jura's Gone A-Podcastin'

If you're into podcasting, loook up Jura's Channel on Odeo. Odeo is already awash with anarchist podcasts. Just look up the tags anarchy or anarchism
and see what's available. There's a vox pop from an anarchist fair in
London, there's an anarcha-fem radio show. There's a group called "Audio anarchy"
who read out (A) essays - it might not be as good as a conversation,
but it beats the latest Brittney Spears single on the radio.

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Jura's 28th Anniversary Celebrations

Jura's 28th Anniversary Celebrations.
by Sid

On Saturday, December 17th Jura Books celebrated the 28th anniversary of organising and funding a non-profit and voluntary anarchist bookshop and activist centre. About 20-25 Jurans and friends turned up to enjoy food (three course meal with Italian flavours that had vegan, vegerarian and other options - compliments of Sid, Nick and Mark and drinks organised by Cam and Mark. We were also entertained by the music of John, Colin, Anne, Mark, Erst and others who played guitar and other instruments. This accompanyed older and newer revolutionary songs for those who wanted to join in the singing.

Political Perspectives: 

Talkshop Notes - Anarchism and Feminism

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it is I should say here tonight. There is so much to be said about the practice of anarchism and the practice of feminism that it can be really overwhelming. I finally decided that the essence of what I wanted to talk about was expressed in one concept: unpaid labour.

But first, let’s dispense with dualism. Dualism causes lots of problems when we try to analyse something as complex as gender oppression and gender privilege within capitalist society. If you try to apply the oppressor / victim analysis to every novel situation, you get nonsense such as “all men are rapists” (and hence all women are rape victims), or at best a bifurcation: “men are from mars women are from venus”. I’m not a victim, and I’m not from venus - something is lacking from the simple dualist analysis.

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Talkshop notes on IR

Notes from the Talkshop at the Bookshop Industrial Relations in Australia, Friday 09/12/2005, taken by Sid of the Questions & Discussion part of the night’s event. This is not a transcript, just a brief and rough outline of the discussion, with apologies to all those who took part.

P: About the two day Toronto Strike that was on the poster that advertised the talk, can you tell us something about it. When was it, how big…

J: It was in the late 1990s, about 1996/7. Type Metropolitan Days of Action in Google.

K: Business Council of Australia had a fireworks display and party to celebrate the passing of the new IR laws, I saw the fireworks that night and inquired about what they were about. The IWW is developing a strategy to help workers organise to combat the new laws. We are proposing to allocate Regions in Australia to allow workers to organise and communicate with eachother more easily, and so as not to have the centralised approach of the Business Unions.

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TalkShop really engaging!

Jura Books hosted the first of many discussion evenings called "TalkShop at the BookShop" on Friday evening. After getting off to a late start (no-one said we were perfect), we ate a plate of Thai food from fabulous local restaurant Som-O and drank a beer to break the ice.

A short talk from Jacinta helped to kick things off. We discussed all things anarchism till about 9.30pm. Discussion touched on a wide range of issues - from the nature of the future society, to the path to revolution; from the place of Black Blocks to the failure of representative democracy and on to the need for an environmentally sustainable future.  The discussion was pretty free-form and laid back. It wasn't just inexperienced anarchists
answering the 'new people', though there was a little bit of Q and A going on. Jura Collective members were surprised and delighted to see how much knowledge and interest in anarchism was displayed by all those new friends who came for the first time.

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Window Smashed at Jura

November 2005. A drunken guy comes into the shop proclaiming something to the effect of "look at the state of the world and you people are the cause of the problem", then throws a brick through the window.

Slingshot Diaries have arrived!

The Slinghot Organiser has arrived @ Jura Books

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