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New title this week.

Hi Jura supporters:

Only one new book this week:

Animals in Australia: Use and Abuse, Malcolm Caulfield, $28.
....but there are lots of other books and pamphlets to find and explore.

New books and jigsaw puzzles!

Hi Jura supporters,
Here the the new titles that have come in from PM Press:
Teaching Resistance: Radicals, revolutionaries, and cultural subversives in the classroom, (ed) John Mink, $32;
Beyond Crisis: After the collapse of institutional hope in Greece, What?, John Holloway, Katerina Nasioka & Panagiotis Doulos, $29;

Brain food for the new year, with new titles at Jura.

Hi everyone,
here are the latest newbies at Jura (some a long time out of print):
From Black Rose Books, Montreal -
Urbanization Without Cities: The rise and decline of citizenship, Murray Bookchin, $41;
Bakunin on Anarchism, (ed) Sam Dolgoff, $53;

Lots of New books for Summer Reading...

Hi everyone,

We have heaps of new titles,and we have a SALE on until 24th December. Remember: Jura will close for a Summer Holiday from the 25th Dec and we will re-open on the 23rd January (closed on Invasion day, 26th January). NB, we have extended opening hours up to the 24th Dec.

New books & the Slingshot Diary

Hi everyone,
Here are the new explosions and expositions of radical and anarchist thinking:
Large Slingshot Diary, $23;

New titles this week

Hi everyone,
here are the new titles for this week, most from AK Press, but elsewhere too (also several re-stock books came in, but not listed here):
Fat, Pretty, and Soon to be Old: A makeover for self and society, Kimberly Dark, $24;
Anarchism and Other Essays, Emma Goldman (new publisher lower price), $18;

Books, old and new this week at Jura

Hi Jurans,
There are two new interesting books this week, and three from the past:
Wilam - A Birrarung Story, Aunty Joy Murphy & Andrew Kelly, Illustrations by Lisa Kennedy, $20 (this is a beautifully illustrated and produced hard back children's book. Not just a children's book, I certainly learned a lot from the story of a river and all who live along and in it);

Celebration sale at Jura

This August Jura Books marks 42 years of continued organised resistance, and we decided to celebrate with a sale.

  • All our regular books/magazines/t-shirts are 10% off.
  • DVDs are going for $5 and CDs for $2.
  • And we have a large range of second hand books for $2 each.
  • There are also some competitively priced rare and out of print books.

The sale starts on Saturday 24th August, and continues through to Sunday
6th October.

Some interesting new research about the anarchist world.

Hi all,
Here are some interesting new titles that I've found by searching around, so not from our more usual anarchist suppliers. Note the difference in price when capitalist profit-oriented publishers come onto the scene, but also note, that two are high quality hard back titles.