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Introduction to getting involved at Jura

At Jura Books, we are working to create a radically different world: one based on freedom, equality and justice for everyone, as well as environmental sustainability for all life on the planet. We believe this can only be achieved by an organised and politically conscious social movement, based on participatory democracy and workers control. Our collective aims to help to build this movement. We seek to bring the ideas of anarchism to ever-widening circles of people. We will also try to prefigure and nurture alternative social structures through the structures and activities of our collective. This means creating a physical and social space that is liberating, safe, imbued with anarchist politics, and a joy to be in. In order to build this movement, the Jura Collective needs to grow, so we actively welcome new friends, members and new ideas. We operate as an organised, participatory democratic, volunteer collective.

Be a friend of Jura

You don’t need to be a full member of the Jura Collective to help build anarchism. Friends of Jura play a vital role in keeping the space alive and making social change. We welcome people to help out in any way they can. Just talk to a Jura Collective member about what you would like to do, and what needs to be done. Some of the ways we would love you to help out are:

  • Tell your friends, family, workmates, classmates etc about Jura and bring them along to events.
  • Help to publicise Jura and our events more widely, through posters, web, email, facebook, word-of-mouth or any other means at your disposal.
  • Help prepare or clean up after events such as gigs, film screenings and discussions.
  • Organise your own event at Jura – we welcome like-minded groups to use the space. Talk to a Jura Collective member to find out how.
  • Shop in the bookshop for yourself and buy presents there for your friends and family.
  • Come to Jura working bees and help us fix things up and make improvements to the building.
  • Join the Jura library, and help to sort books, get donations and clean the library.
  • Get involved in the other groups that use the Jura space, such as Sydney Solidarity Network.
  • Help out on a Jura stall.
  • Make a financial donation – big or small, regular or irregular, they’re all very much appreciated.
  • Donate things Jura needs, such as good quality furniture and computers (please ask us first – we might not have space for them), anarchist books for the library, toilet paper, tea and coffee, non-perishable food in sealed containers.

Membership of the Jura Collective

It is fantastic to take the next step and become a full member of the Jura Collective! This means that you are willing to make a serious commitment to Jura and anarchism. We need more people like you if we are going to make the anarchist society a reality.

Jura Collective members commit to:

  1. do at least 5 hours of voluntary work for Jura every month (this could be shifts, website work, stalls, putting on events etc.)
  2. know how Jura works and how to do shifts (either do a regular weekly shift or fill in for others on a casual basis)
  3. come to at least 1 Jura Collective meeting every 4 months, preferably more (meetings are usually held monthly)
  4. actively participate in running Jura through reading and contributing to email discussions on the internal organise email list
  5. look after their keys, not lend them to anyone outside the Jura Collective, and not make copies without agreement from the Collective.

Jura Collective members have the right to:

  • hold keys to the space
  • vote at collective meetings if a vote is called (most decisions are made by consensus)
  • a website login and privileges to upload and modify content
  • learn how any of the systems for running Jura work (eg book ordering, email lists, finances, computers, website)
  • take on administration roles within the Jura Collective (eg convening, email admin, website, finance person), by agreement of the Collective.
  • set up new library borrower accounts
  • use the Jura space for events and other activities as they see fit (it’s expected that they’ll let the rest of the Collective know what’s happening)
  • re-arrange the Jura space within reason (moving furniture around for example)

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Jura Collective you must:

  1. help out around Jura as a friend for at least 2 months – doing some of the tasks listed above
  2. read and broadly support the anarchist political principles on the Jura website
  3. come to at least 3 Jura Collective meetings
  4. learn how to do shifts by doing 4 training shifts with at least 2 different members
  5. be voted in unanimously at a Jura Collective meeting

Members who are no longer able to make the commitment described above should inform the Collective and return their keys.

Occasionally the Jura Collective agrees to provide certain long-time friends of Jura with keys or some other privilege. However this must be agreed at a Jura Collective meeting – not by an individual member.


You could also download this intro as a leaflet, or if you'd like us to send you a paper version (or 100 to give to your friends!), just email us or drop in. (Photos in the leaflet of Palmar Grasp and Corpus thanks to ZK Photo. Other images come from the Jura poster archive.)