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Guide to holding gigs at Jura

Guide to Holding Gigs at Jura Books (2010 draft)

Jura Anarchist Bookshop is a collectively owned and run space, which exists primarily to further progressive, anarchist change in society. We do this by providing a physical space within the current capitalist society where people can freely organise and express revolutionary ideas. This is done in many ways, such as the organic food co-op, the workers control centre, the bookshop, Fanya Baron Library, and events (film nights, musical events, etc).

We encourage the responsible use of our space by like-minded groups. We define this using principles of “shared intent”. This means that bands / performers / artists / people who do not explicitly identify as anarchist are most welcome in our space, as long as they are broadly in agreement with our anti-capitalist and pro-community works.

In order to protect our community, the collective reserves the right to decide on whether or not an event is of “shared intent”. Please talk to a collective member if you have any questions or doubts about this matter.

Things we will do to enable fun gigs:

  • Ensure there are at least 2 collective members present at all times to keep an eye on the shop and help with set-up and the smooth running of the show
  • Advertise the show on our website and in the monthly announce email (if suitable timed)
  • Provide copies of the Safer Spaces Policy electronically, or physically

Things we expect you to do as a gig organiser / band member:

  • Confirm performers and event details in a timely manner
  • Make all performers and organisers aware of the Safer Spaces Policy, and help to make people aware of it during the event
  • Advertise the event responsibly (hopefully for free!)
  • Co-ordinate the equipment required, especially a PA if required
  • Be at Jura at least an hour before the show starts to help with set-up (preferably 2 hours)
  • Help to co-ordinate a “door person” to encourage donations
  • Ask event attendees to take responsibility for their waste (e.g. place empty bottles in the recycling bin)
  • Stay after the show to clean up as required (this includes mopping the floor if necessary)

In order to facilitate the smooth running of events, and ensure good lines of communication are maintained, there will be one main contact from the collective for organising purposes. This will make sure issues can be resolved in a timely manner.

Jura Anarchist Bookshop is a community space run by a collective of volunteers. We appreciate all donations you may be able to give to contribute to the running of the space.