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Organic Food Co-Op

The Jura Food Co-op is not currently operating. If you are interested in starting it up again, please email us.



Welcome to Jura's ORGANIC FOOD CO-OP!
We offer weekly boxes of mixed, seasonal organic fruit and vegies at $10, $20, and $30 per box. Variety and quantity will depend on what is available. All money is spent on food, none goes on overheads, all labour is voluntary. Sometimes there is free organic food in the orders, provided by friendly gardeners. Free non-organic food may also be available. This will be clearly labelled.

phone: Jura Books during open hours (02) 9550 9931
in person: drop by 440 Parramatta Rd, Petersham

You need to order and pay in person at Jura, by 7pm Wednesday. We need payment in advance as the money is needed to buy the food - and we can't place the burden on the volunteers to buy as well as sort the food. You can order the week before, or better yet, for several weeks in advance. This makes us more stable. When you order please make sure your name and email are in the food co-op book in the back room.

Pick up your box from the shop between 3pm-7pm Friday or 12-4pm Saturday. Boxes not collected by 4pm Saturday will be donated to hungry people. If you have trouble collecting your box, please let us know ASAP.

Let us know if you would like to assist in ordering, sorting, delivering boxes or publicising the co-op. Spread the word to friends, family and workmates, as more members means greater variety in produce.
Also, please feel free to make suggestions as to what items you would like to receive in the weekly boxes. We will try our best to satisfy those.


  • You'll be supporting a local food buying alternative and spreading the politics of co-operation. Indirectly, you're also supporting Alfalfa House and Jura Books - two great progressive organisations in Sydney.
  • You'll be getting organic vegies at a very low price. This is because we get them from Alfalfa, and they choose the best priced, seasonal vegies and give us an added discount because we're a new co-op.


Peace and Health,

The Jura Food Co-op.


A 2011 leaflet for the food co-op and the screening of Food, Inc can be downloaded here:
http://www.jura.org.au/node/1450 and the agreement for Food Co-op Users can be found here: http://www.jura.org.au/node/1576 (it is much the same as the introduction above.)

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