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Film night: "500 Miles to Babylon" (now starting at 6pm)

Date and Time: 
Saturday, August 5, 2006 -
4:00am to 7:00am

Please note: change of time from 7pm to 6pm!500 MILES TO BABYLON
Directed by David Martinez (USA)

500 Miles to Babylon is a one-hour documentary film about Iraq under U.S. occupation. Narrated by the filmmaker, using footage shot in Iraq during 2003-4, the film will address the current war not simply as a conflict over petroleum profits or a scheme to fill a company's coffers, but as part of a larger American imperial project. Through impromptu interviews, glimpses of daily life, still photographs, and footage of car-bombs, demonstrations, night-time graffiti artists, and the celebrations following Saddam's capture, 500 Miles To Babylon will reveal the complex situation in contemporary Iraq through a personal lens. Far from being a simple anti-war movie, 500 Miles will attempt to illustrate the terrible complexity of a people brutalized by a dictatorship, and the catastrophic results when that system is changed overnight by shortsighted military means.
500 Miles is also the story of an American independent journalist in Iraq attempting to understand the country and its ever-changing situation. One chapter of the film will relate his experience during the April 2004 siege of Fallujah, when he temporarily abandoned his camera and was part of an ambulance crew that was then fired on by U.S. snipers.

The fillmaker will be available to discuss or introduce the film. The event is a fundraiser for Jura Books; the entry is $5 or less for unemployed etc. Food and drinks provided.