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Jura Books is an anarchist bookshop, powered by volunteers and donations. We provide people in Sydney (and Australia-wide) access to anarchist and left libertarian information that isn't available at other bookshops - not even on special order. We also open the space to like-minded groups as a meeting, organising and working space. Our costs greatly outweigh our income. Each month we struggle to pay the bills.

You can help us to continue providing anarchist books and organising space by donating.

You can do a bank transfer into our bank accounts - see below for details.

And thankyou - we value every donation, however small or infrequent!


For Book purchases:

Bank Name: Bank Australia

BSB: 313140

Account Number: 12081782

Please put either the book title or your name in as the refererence. 


For Donations:

Bank name: Bank Australia

BSB: 313 140

Account name: Jura Donations

Account number: 12081783


Even better than a one-off donation is becoming a regular supporter. This will help us be sustainable over the long term. If you become a regular donor, you will receive a 20% discount on books and merchandise in the shop. When you have set up a regular deposit from your bank account to ours, let us know so you can access your discount. 

You can become a Regular Jura Supporter for $10 a month. Or you can become a Passionate Jura Supporter for $20 a month. 

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