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A for Anarchy handouts

Over the last week, some dedicated Juropeans have attended various cinemas to grab people walking in and out of "V for Vendetta" screenings. Why? Because, even though the movie won't tell you, V is an anarchist. 

The A for Anarchy site provided a ready-to-go leaflet that we just had to stick our details on and copy. This is a pretty good example of anarchist organising - from New York to Sydney, sharing information and tactics quickly and without concerns of ownership!

Our leafleting went really well....lots of people took a flyer, and some stopped to chat about the film and anarchism. The occaisional obvious anarchist walking out of the cinema provided a chance to catch up with friends and make new ones. 

There's another leafleting planned very soon... drop a comment below, or an email to jura@jura.org.au to be part of it!! 

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 I'd just like to comment about 2 points regarding the above article.

1. What a great film "V for Vendetta" was. I knew nothing of what the 'real' Anarchism was all about until I investigated it after seeing this movie. 

Upon reading the information I found on the internet, I realised that alot of the things mentioned in these articles and websites corresponded to my own beliefs, which up until now, I have never really had a name for which has made communicating my ideas very hard to focus and communicate to others.

 I've bought some books on the subject and am so far amazed that a movie could lead me to making one of the biggest discoveries about myself and my belief system that I have thus far made in my life.

 I hope that this film, and your efforts, help to bring these great ideas to more people so that the most important thing happens... the spreading of awareness. More people need to know that governments and big business are nothing without them and not the other way around.

The second point is really a question...

2. What does an "obvious anarchist" look like?

 Keep up the great work!

 J for Justice.





By "obvious anarchist" I meant a couple of fellas who walked out wearing dreads, and lots of (A) patches on their clothes....and were actually glad to see us!

I'm really glad that you've found an interest in anarchism, or kinda discovered that there's something familiar about it for you. Come past the shop anytime you like. We've got heaps of good reading, and there's always someone willing for a chat about politix.