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Casual Users Agreement

Casual User Agreement for Jura Books

Jura Anarchist Bookshop is a collectively owned and run space, which exists primarily to further progressive, anarchist change in society. We do this by providing a physical space within the current capitalist society where people can freely organise and express revolutionary ideas.

We encourage the responsible use of our space by like-minded groups. We define this by using a principle of "shared intent". This means that casual users and their guests who do not explicitly identify as anarchist are most welcome in our space, as long as they are broadly in agreement with our anti-capitalist and pro-community works. In order to protect our community, the collective reserves the right to decide whether or not an event is of "shared intent". Please talk to a collective member if you have any questions or doubts about this matter.

We ask that all casual users consent to the following modest requirements:

  • Read the Safer Spaces Policy and help to make people aware of it during the event.
  • Keep the place tidy. Return the space to the condition you found it in. Clean up the kitchen if you used it. Empty the Bins. Ask event attendees to take responsibility for their waste (e.g. place empty bottles in the recycling bin). Mop if necessary etc.
  • Advertise the event responsibly (hopefully for free!)
  • Be at Jura well before the start of your event.
  • Don’t rely on Jura collective members to run your event.
  • Please make a donation to Jura if possible. The continued operation of Jura relies on our ability to pay our bills. We appreciate all donations you may be able to give to contribute to the running of the space.
  • Maintain regular contact before your event with the collective or a collective member.

Please also see the Jura Safer Spaces Policy.